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Democrats making America last again
Frank Aquila

Instead of putting Americans and America first, it took only one day for the Democrats to enact policies that Make America Last Again from the following policy changes by executive orders (EO):

Illegal Immigration: An email was sent to ICE officers directing them to “stop all removals” and to “Release them all, immediately.” “No sponsor available is not acceptable any longer.” An Angle mom, who lost her child due to a murder by an illegal alien, slammed Biden’s immigration order as “spitting on the faces of every legal immigrant.”

By EO, there is an end of DNA testing for illegal aliens.  So now how are we going to verify who is the real children of separated parents?  This is a human trafficker’s paradise.

By EO, allows illegal aliens to be counted in the Census and therefore removing representation from U.S. citizens in other states. There was an announcement to grant amnesty to those here illegally in 100 days. This has prompted three caravans on their way to America. This will hurt Americans looking for work and creates a medical crisis for those during a pandemic. Taxpayers will pay for all their care and housing.

By EO, stop building the wall, which also eliminated 12,000 American jobs.

By EO, open travel back up from countries identified as terrorist nations.  Now those from identified terrorist nations will be allowed to come to America.

No Patriotism.

By EO, repealed Trump’s 1776 commission promoting “patriotic education”, which was Trump’s plan to teach children about the great parts of American history. Instead, Biden will promote the 1619 agenda, which is the year it is suspected 20 slaves came to America. Therefore, to teach how America is a bad country.

War against women:  By EO, any educational institution that receives federal funding must admit biological male athletes to women’s teams. This unilaterally eviscerates women’s sports with losses in scholarships, titles, and risk of injury. Declares that little girls have to share their bathroom with any man who thinks he is a woman.

Energy Independence:  By EO, banned oil and gas leases and drilling permits.

By EO, Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, which eliminated another 11,000 American jobs, stifles economic growth, increase cost for American families with expected higher fuel cost. Stopped drilling in Alaska and other federal own leases. Incoming Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg wants a federal tax on the number of miles you drive. 

By EO, rejoined the Paris Climate Accord (PCA), which is really not designed to save the environment since during Trump’s tenure greenhouse emissions actually declined more than any country in the PCA, while the U.S. economy flourished. So this is really a scam in a form of global socialism to punish production of industrial nations through global carbon taxes as a means of wealth redistribution in the name of protecting the environment.  In essences, American companies and Americans will be paying more taxes and higher cost with lower production.

In only a couple days, 72,000 union jobs were lost due to Democrat policies.

Covid:  By EO, requires everyone to wear a mask on federal property. Then Biden violates his own mandate three times including the entire family not wearing a mask at Lincoln Memorial. Admitted he is continuing the Trump plan to fight COVID-19.

Military: Our National Guard was banished from sleeping on the floor in the Senate cafeteria after being used for the inauguration and displaced to the freezing conditions of a DC parking garage until President Trump heard and opened his hotel in DC for them.

Just remember, the people who told you we don’t need guns and walls have surrounded themselves with guns and walls as a fence was built around the Capital.

Trump and Biden are both for walls, that each put one up around what they want to protect. Trump put a wall around America and Biden put up a wall around the government.

A hot mic catches Joe Biden saying, “I don’t know what I am signing” as he signs Executive Orders anyways. Dementia Joe may not know what he is signing; but his handlers do in the Democrats quest to Make America Last Again.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots. He may be emailed at