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Democrats think police officers are worse than pigs
Frank Aquila

Josh Harder’s Democrats don’t just want to defund the police; they have called police officers “monsters” and stated that to call a police officer a “pig” was insulting to the pig. A Joe Biden staff member named Sara Pearl tweeted that pigs are “highly intelligent and empathetic animals who would never racially profile you.” Pearl continued, “Pigs are sweet, intelligent, and compassionate,” police officers are “monsters” who “don’t deserve to be called pig.”

While Josh Harder has taken the position of his radical supporters to abolish and defund the police, Dr. Ted Howze is proudly supporting all our first responders including our police, which is why the National Association of Police Organizations supports Republicans.

Josh Harder and the radical Democrats have blood on their hands. Newman Police Officer, Ronald Singh died from an individual who was here illegally. California Sanctuary Laws have allowed those who have undermined our legal system to be here. Officer Singh was killed on Christmas night, and his family misses him. Had Josh Harder and the Democrats not enabled criminals to be here and made those here follow the law, Officer Singh would still be alive, with his wife, and raising his young child who has to grow up without a father.

There have been 45 officers this year that have gone to work, and their life ended during their shift. Thousands of other officers have been injured, including those paralyzed, blinded, and severely injured. Often those arrested for doing violence are released and bailed out by Biden and Harris campaign staff and supporters

Just recently a scumbag in Los Angeles walked up on a patrol vehicle, shooting two deputies in the head and face. As the deputies were taken to the hospital for their life-threatening injuries, radical Democrats showed up at the hospital chanting, “We hope they die.” This was followed up by many other Democrat leaders in various cities touting, not condemning, the attempted assassination stating, “They knew the job they were taking.” Democrat city councilman Salvador Alatorre posted, “Chickens come home to roost.” Harder ignored the story with no mention of him condemning the attempted assassination of those deputies or the actions by those who wished the deputies dead.

The radicals Josh Harder support have called for the death of officers with chants of “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon.” These were the same radicals who were rallying against officers in Dallas, who had officers there to protect them when shots were fired and five officers were killed. They are the same radicals who want to defund the police; but have their own private security. The city council of Minneapolis charged the city $152,000 for security while voting to defund the police.

If Josh Harder supporters successfully abolish and defund the police, what kind of community would we live in? They call for reform of police officers when the reform must come from the home where parents teach their children to respect adults and authority, which include teachers, ministers, and police officers. Instead, people would have to tend to their own safety and security.

Police officers must adjust for the unexpected whether trying to save a baby with CPR, trying to save a dying teenager in a traffic accident, looking death in the eye and making a quick decision to save the lives of others, helping to find a lost child, or holding a victim with their blood, sweat, and tears as they take their last breath.

We all know the difficulty of burying someone you love. Police officers know they will most likely watch a brother or sister of blue being laid to rest during a career. They sacrifice their lives, family events, and must return to work under the worst hours or worst conditions while we expect them to hold their cool as agitators throw rocks, spit, or curse at them with vial words, even calling them a “pig,” a term noted previously that Democrats claim is not worthy for even an officer.

Josh Harder and these radicals support law of closing prisons and releasing more hardened criminals on to the streets, endangering both officers and citizens. Yet, if faced with danger, radicals and cowards like Josh Harder run from violence while officers run toward violence. Many of these officers are former military veterans taking violence head on with no regard for their own lives. 

Josh Harder and the radicals are the first to judge an officer’s action and convicting him or her of wrongdoing without knowing the facts. These politicians, who never fired a bb gun, want to take away our Second Amendment right to possess and bear arms by limiting the ability to law-abiding citizens.

Josh Harder and the Democrat radicals should be ashamed of themselves for leading and energizing an anti-police movement showing radical followers they do not have to show respect to officers because they don’t respect our officers, either.

Police officers have a thankless job and now even a more dangerous job because of radicals like Josh Harder and Democrats who think they are worth less than a pig.

Frank Aquila is a 30-year retired police officer, president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots, and city captain for Ted Howze for Congress. He may be emailed at