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Democrats view American parents as domestic terrorists
Frank Aquila

Most teachers and parents have the same goal. They believe education should guide young people through school and teach them to understand important life skill subjects like reading, writing, and arithmetic. There used to be a bond between both the parent and the teacher through the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), which is intended to facilitate parental involvement in schools.

Today, liberals want to use the school as an indoctrination center with liberal school boards, liberal teachers, as well as the Democrat Party believing parents are not “clients” of public schools and shouldn’t be involved in their child’s education. The Facebook posting by the Michigan Democrat party went on to suggest their liberal role “is to teach them (the children) what society needs them to know.”

In 2021, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe stated parents shouldn’t tell schools what to teach.

So what are these Democrats trying to teach our children?

A pro-Antifa teacher from California bragged about turning his students into far-left “revolutionaries” and gave extra credit for attending protests as he went on to say on video, “I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries” while displaying the Antifa flag on the wall and proudly acknowledging there are other teachers just like him.

Democrats, liberal states, and liberal schools also want to reject the 1776 project of American greatness. American greatness would ignite patriotism, pride, and unity, which would be destructive to the Democrat Party. Instead the Democrat Party thrives on racial division, hate and anger. Therefore, the 1619 Project of slavery and the dark shadows of America would influence racial hatred in their effort to motivate and influence children into their adulthood. Thus, the reason for the Democrat Party to promote Critical Race Theory (CRT), while excluding the history of the Democrat Party before, during, and after the Civil War as the facilitators of racial division when creating black codes and the Ku Klux Klan for their own political expediency. Today, the Democrats continue from the same playbook using CRT to mold and indoctrinate children beginning at five years old through school curriculum programs called, “Cultivating Anti-Racist and Activists in Kindergarten,” to use racial division to create future Democrat voters.

Gender confusion is another form of indoctrination in the classroom. It is not the role of a teacher or the school to discuss or influence a child’s sexuality or encourage any form of gender confusion without the consent of a parent. Unfortunately, children are being secretly influenced through gay conversion books like “Gender Queer” and over 100 others placed in school public libraries across the nation. In a Florida school, teachers and staff met secretly with a 12-year-old girl for months, without the consent or knowledge of the parents, and encouraged her to change her gender identification which caused the girl to attempt to suicide twice by hanging.

The primary function of the school is to teach subject matter and not make the school an indoctrination center. Parents want a safe environment for their children to attend school without being subjected to liberal propaganda, influence, or a hidden agenda. Parents should make it their parental responsibility to be involved in their child’s education and join the PTA. Unfortunately, liberal teachers, school boards, and Democrats see involved parents as a threat to their aspiration to indoctrinate children, without parental knowledge, and if parents do indeed challenge their liberal agenda at a school board meeting, those parents will be labeled as “domestic terrorists” by our own Department of Justice.

Oh how far we have come from parents being members of a PTA to being “domestic terrorists” on a watch list thanks to the Democrats.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots. He may be emailed at