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Democrats want to remove “equality” from justice
Frank Aquila

Lady Justice is a symbol of a woman standing holding two scales in her hand while blindfolded. This symbol is to reference being blinded to have no bias between a defendant or the plaintiff; but only to judge by the weight of evidence on the scales to determine one’s innocence or guilt. Unfortunately, Democrats have tried to remove the blindfold of Lady Justice with media bias and persuasion to tip a judgment in their favor through racism, hatred, or political views.

In the Kyle Rittenhouse case, Biden, the Democrats, with their media lapdogs painted Rittenhouse as a “White Supremacist.” I had to verify for myself, who did Rittenhouse kill in “self-defense”? He shot three white men, part of Antifa, who were attacking him! He never shot or killed anyone of color and even if he did, why do the Democrats and their media lapdogs use “white supremacy”? They do it to politically divide America to gander racism with emotions for their own political gain. The irony is that Biden can call a 17-year-old boy a “white supremacist” with no proof while having his own history of relations with actual “white supremacists.” 

While Rittenhouse was subject to false and harmful claims by the Democrats and media, there was a disconnect between the truth and the narrative and defamation of their own prejudice they tried to present through Fake News calling him a “white supremacist,” “domestic terrorist” and a “murderer.” In the end, a jury was fortunately not persuaded by the Democrat-media lies and instead saw the facts that this young man, who could have been sent to prison for the rest of his life, did, in fact, use “self-defense” and therefore was found not guilty.

Lady Justice prevailed with Rittenhouse and also for another “not guilty” verdict that occurred on Nov. 19 when a jury found Andrew “A.J.” Coffee IV of Florida, “not guilty” of “self-defense.” Coffee didn’t fit the media’s profile because he is black and therefore, this story was ignored.

Everyday there is countless black on black murder across the country, especially in Chicago and other Democrat run cities. The hypocrisy that no one will report on the many black on black murders; but to have a white boy like Rittenhouse, who shot and killed other white men in self-defense, is painted as a racist, white supremacist is unimaginable, except in the mind of racist Democrats and their fake news media lapdogs.

Lady Justice would be ashamed at the American double standard brought by the Democrats. 

Stephen Bannon, a former advisor to President Trump, was recently indicted for contempt of Congress, when he failed to show up for the Democrats’ political theater of a show.  While I personally believe all should abide by subpoenas for a hearing, there were no charges against Democrats such as Eric Holder, Janet Reno, or Lois Lerner, the last using the IRS to personally target conservative organizations. Lady Justice has the blindfold on because if there is a standard for one, then there should be a standard for all.

For years, we heard of Trump-Russian collusion and wasted millions on the Mueller Investigation. Now, it has been revealed through the Durham Investigation that Russian National, Igor Danchenko was indicted as a source of the origins of discredited conspiracy story of Trump-Russian collusion, along with others, including lawyer Michael Sussmann, who was tied to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The Democrats shamefully voted to impeach President Trump for Russian collusion, which the Durham Investigation has revealed to be a hoax supported by the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that weaponized the FBI, DOJ, and other Washington agencies for their political ambitions. 

God help America if the day comes where Democrats remove the blindfold from Lady Justice to persuade her to remove equality and justice and to only sentence those the Democrats hate based on lies of their own persuasion rather than the evidence of facts.

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