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Denham v. Harder race is more Trump versus Obama

If there is any reason to not vote for Josh Harder for Congress it’s because his ideology so aligns with the failed policies of former President Barack Obama who just endorsed his candidacy against Jeff Denham. This comes despite Harder having an extremely thin resume.

Obama longs for more obstructionists in Congress to halt President Trump’s progress in righting the ship of state. For example, Trump’s tax policy has led to a gross domestic product increase of 4.1 percent in the second quarter of this year. We have 3.9 million new jobs that weren’t around when Obama was because of Trump’s  tax cuts, deregulation and the push for better trade deals.

Democrats want to take back the House and block the reversal of key Obama policies.

* * * * *

Are these people from Mars?

Lisa Battista, vice president of the Modesto Progressive Club, sent us a pointed and biased press release about the protest staged yesterday against Jeff Denham. The wordy headline assigned to this presser was: “Modesto area residents to gather on August 7, 2018 to protest Jeff Denham’s failure to stand up to the Trump administration’s hate-driven immigration policy.”

They think if they tell lies long enough that people will start believing them but I go back to experience and evidence.

Battista suggests Denham rarely makes appearances in his district. I have been doing my job for a long time and must say that Jeff Denham has been more visible in this district than any other congressman, including Gary Condit and Tony Coelho. So I have no idea what she is talking about there.

Anti-Denham forces suggest in the release that they will “demand that Denham account for why approximately 1,000 children still haven’t been reunited with their families despite the expiration of a court-imposed deadline, and why he has failed to stand up to the Trump administration and its hate-driven immigration policies.”

There’s a lot in that so let’s unpack it. Denham has bucked many conservatives in calling for a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens here, so it is odd that Battista doesn’t appreciate that. Maybe having an “R” behind one’s name makes some blind to facts. The separation policy pre-dates Trump by many presidents. I hardly think it’s “hateful” to enforce law that outsiders openly defy. My understanding is that the 1,000 so children who are separated from their parents were sent to America alone by their parents to sneak in. So it’s best the blame go to the neglectful parents who sent their children on a very dangerous path across Mexico.

She goes on with her senseless babble: “Denham has … supported Trump at every turn, including when Trump called Mexicans rapists, referred to African countries as sh-- holes, pushed for a complete Muslim ban, and called immigrants animals.”

I’m glad Denham supports a president who has common sense policies and that Trump has endorsed him. I’m not a fan of Trump’s Tweet wars and insults but I’m looking at the progress he’s made and I like this president. For the record, Trump certainly didn’t mean all people sent into the U.S. illegally are rapists but sorry to say, a lot of trouble is coming with them. Not all are innocent moms and dads skirting law for a better life.

The so-called Muslim ban is a misnomer; Trump called for better vetting of immigrants who carry Jihad ideology to kill Americans. Why would any Democrat be offended that a president wants to ensure further terrorist attacks don’t occur here? I mean, it’s not a right that people immigrate into the United States even legally.

Battista also has it wrong about Trump calling immigrants “animals.” It was a clear reference to MS-13 and other drug lords from Mexico. 

* * * * *

I don’t know anyone who likes going to the DMV, except maybe if you’re so desperate for company that you chat the ear off of that smelly guy sitting on the hard plastic chair next to you.

It’s been reported by the Sacramento Bee that people have waited up to six hours for service.

The response of Democrats in Sacramento – like it always is – is to throw more money at the problem. At least that’s how Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) feels about it. Ironically his San Francisco has one DMV office. (I know because I had to go there in 2013 to get a handicapped placard for my wife who was undergoing treatment for leukemia).                                                                                     

The San Diego Union Tribune publicly called out Ting’s solution, saying if anything he “should be more reluctant to just shower money on a department that received $16.6 million in June to ‘alleviate field office wait time.’”

The editorial also noted that the Assembly Republicans have a better way forward:

 “Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, has a shrewder solution: Audit the agency…The state needs a deeper dive into the wait time data and some better management solutions.”

* * * * *

Observe the headlines. The mainstream media loves to goad conservatives with their headlines. The San Francisco Chronicle chose to headline its internet story on Travis Allen’s endorsement of John Cox for governor with this: “It took nearly two months, but Travis Allen backs John Cox for CA governor.” It was intended to make people question why Allen waited instead of that he did endorse him. I can tell you there is no way on God’s green earth that Allen would ever want Gavin Newsom as governor. It will not be a good move at all.

Cox is banking that he is on the right side of the movement to repeal SB 1, the whopping $52 billion gas tax that was enacted on us car drivers without so much of a consideration from Jerry Brown and his band of Democrat merrymen – plus a Republican named Anthony Cannella of Ceres.

The gas tax is unpopular and could drive some conservatives to the polls in greater numbers to make a difference for Cox. Newsom is on the wrong side of this issue, in the eyes of a majority of California voters. In June Orange County voters recalled state Senator Josh Newman for voting for SB 1 with a 60 percent majority and put a Republican in his place.

The question is why would you repeal a gas tax and put one of its ring leaders back in the seat of power in Sacramento? That would be counterproductive. Wouldn’t you want to get rid of him and his ilk? Maybe California voters are now under the influence of pot which they approved recently.

* * * * *

My son is about as far left as one can get. I’ve told him that people with his ideology try to get things banned or outlawed if they don’t like them instead of letting people do as they please. They try to shut down free thought and everything to which they are opposed.

That never was more evident when he texted me while he made a jaunt through Twain Harte and saw a Confederate flag and suggested that he was going to yank it down. He said he was offended, that the flag was “about subjugation of black people.” You have to know that Bret has many black friends. He said he was going up the tree to bring it down and burn it.

I told him that people have a right to fly any flag of their choosing and he said he has the right to “climb a tree and burn the traitorous flag.” I disagreed, saying that he was up for trespassing and theft charges. Besides, that flag is part of U.S. history and I’m against cleansing history. I also warned him that he might hurt himself pulling a stupid stunt like that or somebody might put buckshot in his rear.

He tried to scale the tree and failed.

Why am I mentioning this? First, let me explain that I would not personally fly the Confederate flag nor have I wanted to. But I have wanted to post a Trump sign in my yard but unfortunately with the left going off-the-rail nuts – such as taking a sledgehammer to Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – I’m setting myself out for those who would deny me my rights and trespass on my property.

They’re still going nuts. When does it stop? When Trump is re-elected in 2020 because of a great economy, is that temper tantrum and foot-stomping still going to continue into his second term?

* * * * *

I think most Americans are sick of the bullying that is taking place, left or right. Here is an example of the cajoling that goes on today. Charles Davis, a dean at the University of Georgia publicly congratulated his lifelong friend, Brian Kemp, who won the Republican nomination for governor. He also called Kemp a “nice guy.” It shouldn’t be controversial for a friend to congratulate a friend but to the left it was. The leftists on the campus created a nasty social media fuss. Twitter users blasted Davis for associating with a “racist” who “spews bigoted and dangerous rhetoric.”

Davis caved to the PC leftists and apologized for his support, for which I’m sorry he did. Nobody should ever be cajoled into recanting support for a man who certainly is no racist.

Why is Kemp under attack by the left-wing? Let one of his campaign ads speak for itself: “I’m Brian Kemp. I believe in God, family and country in that order. I say ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘God bless you.’ I strongly support President Trump, our troops and iron clad borders and I stand for our National Anthem. If any of this offends you then I’m not your guy. But if you’re ready for a politically incorrect conservative who will end pay-to-play politics, I’m Brian Kemp and I’m asking for your vote.”

Another ad has Kemp humorously noting how he “blows up government,” and holding a rifle while saying “I own guns that no one’s taking away.” He grabs a chainsaw, yanks the cord and says he’s ready to rip up some regulations. He gets into his pickup “just in case I need to round up some criminal illegals and take ‘em home myself – yep, I just said that.”

That’s why the left hates him.

* * * * *

Former Obama buddy Rahm Emanuel once had the audacity to say “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” What he meant is politically capitalize on tragedies.

Gov. Brown did that when he recently suggested that the California wildfire are happening because of man-caused climate change. That’s terribly shortsighted, deceptive and an ignorant thing to say. In his delusional mind, the planet’s air is heating up like a hot air balloon and causing wild fires. He called on dramatic, extremely expensive steps to “shift the weather back to where it historically was,” claiming current weather conditions hadn’t been so hot “since civilization emerged 10,000 years ago.” Unfortunately our governor is nuts, but what’s new?

First of all, we are NOT having more fires. The journal Science conducted a study of the globe and found that the global burnt area from fires, rather than growing, had declined by roughly 25 percent from 1999 to 2017 un California. But a study released last year showed that, since 1970, the number of big fires – those of 300 acres or more – have steadily declined in California. No doubt California has had hot summers for eons but that’s weather – not climate change.

No, the fires have had more to do with logging and grazing being discontinued on federal lands and denying loggers’ access to older parts of the forests.

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