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Examples of Left wing lunacy shown in June
Frank Aquila

After over three months since being assigned to address the border crisis, Kamala Harris finally went to Texas only after President Trump announced he would be visiting the border. However, Harris still never went to the border to meet with Border Patrol to get full details of their mismanagement.

Joe Biden is bringing back thousands of illegal aliens who were ordered deported under the “remain in Mexico” program back to the U.S.

Biden diverted funds for Americans to give hotels rooms to illegal aliens.

Oregon lawmakers pass bill to make illegal immigrants eligible for Medicaid with Governor Brown expected to sign into law. No wonder illegal immigration is up nearly 1,000 percent during the Biden administration.

Kamala Harris states “climate change” is a cause of the border crisis on a trip to Guadalajara.

Illegal alien arrested in Florida after raping 82-year-old woman.

Deported rapist illegal alien caught crossing the border.

Twice-deported illegal alien pleads guilty for death of Florida police officer.

Ilhan Omar says every illegal immigrant should have “pathway to citizenship.”

While Democrats are trying to force government COVID vaccines, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of COVID vaccine technology has expressed concern over the risk of young people taking the vaccine only to have Google owned YouTube delete a posting of his concerns and findings.

Dr. Naomi Wolf has also become the latest in a string of doctors, scientists, and researchers who have been suspended from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for expressing their professional opinions. I am sure their “fact-checkers” are more knowledgeable than these professionals.

The CDC admits heart inflammation for 16 to 24 are higher than expected after receiving the vaccine.

Then you have companies offering “freebies” to entice people to take the vaccine. Hmm. If it worked and was safe, you wouldn’t need to run huge ad campaigns, mandate it, or offer incentives. You also wouldn’t need to block, censor, or threaten those who question it.

The “Make A Wish Foundation” will now only grant wishes to those fully vaccine.

Dr. Fauci now admits scientists said in early 2020 COVID may have been “engineered,” meaning it was created in a Chinese laboratory just like President Trump had stated.

Nancy Pelosi blocks a COVID origin probe to cover for China.

Biden pushed for a worldwide minimum tax at a summit of world leaders.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar compares U.S. and Israel to terrorists.

Abrar Omeish, a Muslim school board member in Virginia, tells students at graduation to remember “Jihad.”

Public library in Virginia is hosting Drag Story Book Hour for preschoolers, toddlers, and babies.

Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer called developmentally disabled children “retarded” and the media is silent. Imagine if a Republican had said the same. He would have been asked to resign.

Kamala Harris speaks to pass the Equality Act, which would eliminate the legal definition of biological sex.

Nevada pageant winner has to become first transgender Miss USA contestant.

Transgender Olympic athlete says her (really his) goal is to “burn a US flag on the podium.”

Virginia school board votes to allow eighth grade “boys into girls” locker room.

ACLU attorney says it is “absolutely fair’ for transgender women (really men) to compete with girls.

California AB1184 would force insurance companies to hide “sensitive” medical procedures given even to minor children, including cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and sex-change procedures.

Liberal media outlets and activists are trying to build support to transgenderism claiming a child can choose their future lifetime sex when they are just “four-years-old.” Parents need to teach their boys to be men before the world teaches them to be women.

Sesame Street introduces gay male couple to indoctrinate children.

Taxpayers will now pay for transgender veterans’ “gender reassignment surgery.”

Biden ignored the D-Day 77th anniversary after ignoring our veterans on Memorial Day outraging service members and veterans.

Amazon is allowing the sale of apparel stating, “Blue Lives Murder.”

Professors from Towson University now claim “standard English” is racist by “perpetuating whiteness” and is “anti-blackness this is used to diminish black language of black students in classrooms.” In other words, they are pushing for “ebonics.”

Byron Donalds, who is a black Republican, is not welcomed to join the Congressional Black Caucus.

The UK Daily Mail reported that Hunter Biden had used the N-word repeatedly in text messages. Like father, like son as Joe Biden also was known to use the N-word often as a Democrat senator. Did the media care? Nope; but they were obsessed to believe there was a tape of Trump even though nothing was found.

Biden call systemic racism one of “the great crises of our time” while congratulating Class of 2021.

ESPN shows their own racism with Jalen Rose announcing he is “disappointed” a white player was selected for the U.S. Olympic squad. Why is race a determining factor in who is selected to a team?

U.S. Olympian turns away from the American flag and covers her face with T-shirt during the national anthem.

Sonny Hostin, an ABC’s legal analyst, says seeing American flags alongside Trump flags, “It’s a message of white supremacy.”

Michigan valedictorian’s speech is censored because it is “very Christianized.”

Biden will have a fireworks display at the White House but rejected a fireworks at Mount Rushmore.

California sent an alert asking those who own electric vehicles not to charge their vehicles to “help balance supply and demand” due to a power shortage.

In New York, a man robs a bank one day of being released for robbing another bank.

Congressional Democrats say auto crash dummies are male dominate and want female crash dummies. How about we make Democrat crash dummies? There are many in congress.

“If you didn’t support Hillary in 2016, you ain’t woman. If you don’t vote for Joe Biden in 2020, you ain’t black. If you still can’t see that the Democrats are exactly what they accuse everyone else of being, you ain’t smart.” Candace Owens

That is just some of the Left-wing lunacy for June 2021.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin/Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.” He may be emailed at