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Gas prices will hurt even those with electric cars

I was in Oceanside and made a trek through Los Angeles on Monday and I have to tell you I don’t see how folks are making it with these gas prices.

Gas prices of well over $6 were commonplace with the lowest gas that we found was $5.49.

With Southern California surpassing $6 per gallon on average, it is the first major city in the U.S. to reach prices this level. The increase in prices is largely due to rebounding oil prices because of the ongoing Russian war on Ukraine, but recent refinery kinks in Southern California amidst a rise in seasonal demand has pushed Los Angeles over the top.

Meanwhile, the Democrats in Sacramento sit by idly and do nothing. Oh they definitely could help out but they refuse.

Today, Assembly Republicans released the “Capitol Democrats Are All Talk Timer” to highlight Democrats’ complete inaction on tax relief while Californians struggle with sky-high gas prices and soaring inflation. Californians can visit the timer for a reminder of how long it’s been with no results since Governor Newsom promised relief in his State of the State address. 

“The clock is literally ticking,” noted Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher. “If you eat at the French Laundry, you probably don’t notice these gas prices, but regular folks are struggling. Every minute that Democrats stall is a minute California families are forced to choose between a full tank of gas and a full cart of groceries.”

During his March 8 “State of the State” address, Newsom issued a vague promise “to put money back in the pockets of Californians to address rising gas prices.” Since then, in classic Gavin Newsom fashion, he’s done nothing to deliver. 

Last week, legislative Democrats released competing proposals (but no actual legislation to implement them) to provide Californians with rebates. Their proposals are weeks, if not months, away from returning any money to overtaxed Californians. The closest thing to a timeline they’ve provided is “before your summer road trip.”

Meanwhile, Assembly Republicans have been clear and consistent in their message: suspend the gas tax and lower fuel costs by 50 cents per gallon immediately. On Monday, March 14, not a single Assembly Democrat supported AB 1638, the Republican proposal to suspend the gas tax for six months, while continuing to fund road repair projects from the state’s $45 billion surplus. 

Californians can check the timer at

* * * * *

I have a feeling that the Biden Administration will, before it’s over, make Jimmy Carter’s look great. Lots of folks voting today don’t remember the gas shortages and the long gas lines – and the disastrous way Carter handled the Iranian hostage crisis.

When gas prices began shooting up weeks ago, I texted my son in Texas – who unfortunately loathed the Orange Man – and asked what he thought of the spiking gas prices. He replied: “Can’t relate. I plug mine in.”

Unfortunately he will relate when he sees how everything he buys has shot up in price and will continue to do so. The cost of trucking food and merchandise to stores will escalate.

All because you guys didn’t like the mean tweets!

* * * * *

Last week the Ceres City Council voted ways to spend millions of dollars doled out by the federal government supposedly for COVID recovery when really it was government charging against the future generations yet born.

One of the items was $20,000 to convert a room at the Community Center into a membership gym. I cringed at the thought that the city now wants to get into the fitness center business which competes with existing businesses in town.

I was equally aghast when the mayor, under his breath, shamefully uttered this about Planet Fitness: “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that place but….”

We understand that Javier Lopez is proud of his efforts to work out and bulk up, he should refrain from making disparaging statements about businesses which have invested in his city.

* * * * *

As many of you know, I am somewhat of a history buff so I was fascinated to see an Aug. 23, 1946 newspaper article. I thought you might get a kick out of it, too:

“If you think Ceres isn’t growing as fast as it should or that new businesses aren’t coming into the city, we suggest you look around. We did and were a little surprised. In our tour of the city we discovered some startling facts which are surely newsworthy.

“Did you realize that there are more than 119 new homes in the city limits which have been built within the last four years, 20 new business establishments, two new churches and more than 70 new homes just outside of the city limits?

“Three dehydrators also have been built here during the past four years.

“For good measure we checked with the city clerk’s office and found some more evidence of Ceres’ growth. In 1940 Ceres had a population of 1,350 … today it is estimated at between 1,800 and 1,850.

“Who said Ceres has begun to ossify?”

It’s been nearly 76 years since that article was published and Ceres is now officially at 48,214.

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