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Homelessness: A crisis created by Democrats
Frank Aquila

What does California, Illinois, New York and all the major cities in America have in common?  They have the highest homeless population and are all run by Democrats. Democrats have marketed themselves as the party for the poor. Therefore, the best way to stay in power is to create policies that create more and more poor people.

The best example is California, known as the Golden State, once gave us Ronald Reagan and was the envy of the states. Today, California has the highest concentration of homelessness and welfare of any state in the country with Democrats in full control of every major political office as well as every major city including Los Angeles and San Francisco. Republicans are ignored as Democrats force policies that create more poverty and homelessness including:

Rent Control: In theory it sounds good to prevent rent from increasing on poor; but multiple studies show it causes housing shortages that reduce the number of low-income people who can live in a city while raising the demand for housing. Further, it deters new housing construction and worsens the homelessness problem creating more homelessness than homes available.

Regulations: When California forced home builders to have mandatory solar on all new homes, this is one example of regulations that raises the cost of new homes for all buyers. Adding any regulation cost to a building will raise the cost of that building for both renters/owners. Government does not need to force a homeowner to have solar or other regulations. That should be the option of a new owner.

Taxes: While our economy is thriving, California Democrats are raising taxes on businesses and individuals. This is causing businesses to leave to tax friendlier states and causing families to also leave the state. Therefore, there is a smaller tax base and fewer jobs available for those that need work.

Sanctuary Cities: While the streets are full of those that need assistance, California, being a “sanctuary state,” actually creates more homelessness and burden on government resources by inviting more illegal aliens to come. Instead of assisting those here legally, resources are stretched out to also assist those here illegally.

President Trump has created a booming economy with all-time lows in unemployment for black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, women and youth nationwide. Trump has eliminated many regulations allowing businesses to function, hiring more workers. Trump has lowered taxes, bringing businesses back to America for more workers to have jobs. Trump has renegotiated trade deals allowing fair trade benefiting business, farmers, and workers.

If California were its own nation, it would have the fifth strongest economy in the world, mostly due to the technology giants of the Silicon Valley. Yet, California continues to struggle with solutions for this homelessness crisis of many living in poverty.

There are three types of homeless individuals: misfortunate, addicts and bums.

Misfortunate: These people have made some bad choices or encountered some bad luck and need resources to get back on their feet. Our government should be providing their needed assistance and working with religious organizations and businesses to provide the necessary resources to assist individuals and families toward jobs and necessities.

Addicts: These are the mentally ill and those with addictions. These people need to be removed from the street and placed in facilities to assist them to resolve their illnesses and addictions. Providing these people with hypodermic needles or an EBT card is just a “feel good” for liberal politicians.

Bums: There have always been bums and always will be bums in society who refuse to work. The worst thing you can do for a bum is enable the bum by giving “free stuff.” There is no amount of money that will prevent these bums from getting off the street.

Democrats have called living on the street a civil right. Never mind the environmental conditions of those leaving needles on the sidewalks or defecating in rivers. Diseases like typhus, carried by fleas, and rats are common place and ignored. Crime is rampant.

Homelessness and poverty should not be a political issue; but a human rights issue where those that need the necessary resources are provided and policies that encourage more homelessness eliminated. 

Today, we have a thriving economy. How bad will this problem become when there is an economic slowdown in the future? The conditions will become an epidemic as the problem will become even more serious, especially if people believe government is the solution and gravitate toward failed solutions of socialism.

Democrats only see homelessness as an opportunity knowing the more poor there are, the more dependent they are on government and therefore, the more likely they will vote Democrat, giving Democrats more political power. This is why every city and state with a homelessness crisis has been a result of Democrat policies.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.” He may be emailed at