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If Trump is rejected, America will suffer
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette

Most every American has an opinion about the upcoming election. 

However, there are several realities we must face.

If President Trump is not reelected the southern border wall will not be completed. 

I would suspect Biden and the Democrats will tear it down. The wall symbolizes Trump’s presidency. In an age of mass human trafficking, drug smuggling and terrorism the wall is a layer of security. It won’t stop an army but it will prevent entry into our country from being so easy. 

Jobs will go back to Mexico, China, Vietnam and other places. Four years ago, you couldn’t find a job that paid $15 an hour. Until Covid-19 hit, there were more jobs in America that were paying over $15 an hour than ever before. Hammering on the heads of corporations and big businesses for more taxes and higher priced health insurance will not keep jobs in America. The answer to America’s problems is not gouging the people who make more money than we do. More jobs with more people making good pay is what America continues to need. It’s a lot more fun to get a good paycheck than food stamps. Americans need the pride of being able to go to the grocery store, buy new cars and provide for an adequate retirement. The eight years before Trump saw a desperate country trying to decide between working for $8 an hour or applying for Social Security disability. Who wants to go back to that? 

Medical care will skyrocket. More taxes will be needed for Socialized medicine. We want all Americans to have good healthcare. Medicare should be a good option. However, we need more competition between medical insurance groups and freedom to buy throughout the country. Trump has been working feverishly to bring the costs of medicine down and to make hospitals reveal upfront what their costs will be for procedures. 

The military, police and veterans will suffer. Can we really afford to defund the police? There are counties in America today that only have access to two or three police officers. The citizens of these counties are already on their own as far as protecting themselves. Can these areas afford less protection? Can Louisville, Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago do better with fewer police officers? They cannot. Biden is being supported by people who want to defund the police. Is this what America wants? In an age of world terrorism can we afford to not have the best supported military in the world? We all pray for no more wars but we have to keep our military strong and provide them with the best resources. Veterans are finally receiving help. Veterans were dying before Trump because of such poor medical care. Today a veteran can actually see a doctor and be treated without having to wait six months for an appointment. Trump has worked hard for the military, the police and the veterans. Does the average American want less? 

The list goes on. Trump has worked to rebuild our infrastructure. He will keep our Social Security solvent. The stock market has seen its greatest years in history. Today, more Americans feel like they have a chance at having some retirement money. 

Trump will continue to encourage laboratories for a Covid-19 vaccine. In years past we might have had to wait years for the average American to have access to treatment. Labs are working hard throughout America, England, Jerusalem and more to come up with the best vaccine possible. We will not get this country back on its feet until a vaccine is available and working. Trump is pushing for this.

What about freedom of religion in this country? At least now we can have a “National Day of Prayer” in America. Does the average American want more abortions than we have now? Does America want to kill more babies? Keep in mind that a government who supports the murder of the unborn for birth control purposes will also support making your senior adult death really easy when you are in an intensive care unit or a nursing home. They can’t afford your Social Security and Medicare now. Will Joe Biden make this better?

No person is perfect. We all see the good and bad in people. Voting is your opportunity to be a part of this process. We have to get through this year without destroying relationships. We all have our various opinions and I hope my liberal colleagues and relatives will still speak to me during the holidays. However, if President Trump is not reelected America will be hurting. 

Dr. Glenn Mollette is a graduate of numerous schools including Georgetown College, Southern and Lexington Seminaries in Kentucky. He is the author of 12 books including Uncommon Sense. His column is published weekly in over 600 publications in all 50 states.