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Its a matter to time before Democrats allow illegals to vote
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Bill, a friend of mine, once worked as a maintenance man for the Carl's Jr. restaurant chain, and told the story - rather humorously - of a conversation between a clerk and a customer. A man ordered breakfast but when he swiped his debit card the transaction was rejected. The customer swiped it again and for a second time the transaction was not authorized.

The man, sensing he was not going to get the food he ordered, grew increasingly agitated and argued with the clerk. He then queried out in a loud voice: "Are you going to ‘screw' me out of my breakfast?" When the clerk explained that she could not give him the food because he had no way to pay for it, he opened his mouth and yelled loudly "F---!" for everyone to hear.

You'd have to watch my friend Bill act out the scene - he does not repeat the dirty word but uses "Fa----" in a deep guttural tone that trails off. He had me rolling in the floor a couple of times. On one hand I laugh at his delivery but on the other shake my head at the audacity of such thinking. Instead of the man being embarrassed that he couldn't buy his food and quietly go away, he grew more bold and belligerent and demanded what wasn't his. In his mind it WAS his food even though he didn't buy it.

I think the story underscores what's happening in this country with the sense of entitlement. Like the man in Carl's Jr. who felt he was deprived of "his" breakfast that he didn't pay for, there was a group that staged Saturday's National Day of Action for Dignity & Respect. Using my Carl's Jr. incident analogy, they want their breakfast without paying for it.

The coalition -- representing illegal immigrants -- wants them to receive all the rights of becoming U.S. citizens after they broke into the country and set up shop. In a press release the group titled "Growing Coalition Points to GOP Holdouts as the ‘Immigration Reform Obstructionists' of a New Generation," the group states "The National Day of Action for Dignity & Respect marks the beginning of a new wave of escalation tactics after GOP House members have stalled movement on comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship for 11 million aspiring citizens."

Those 11 million aspiring citizens started out on a wrong note, now didn't they? Think about it. They said "Screw you" to the U.S. immigration law, snuck across the border anyway and feel like escaping detection 5, 10, 15 or 20 years entitles them to gain special favor. That would almost be like a bank robber thinking he deserves not be prosecuted because police failed to catch him for a few years.

Image how the aspiring immigrant who is waiting for the legal process feels about giving respect to illegals. (I realize the left calls them undocumented workers to make things sound nicer). How would you feel if you were waiting in line at the grocery store and 20 people jumped in front of you? Would that burn you up? Then would it burn you up that the same group of "crowders" demand that they get respect? Is crowding in line an action that "deserves respect"?

I took interest in a paid radio spot that aired up until Saturday by a group called Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS). The announcer stated rather eloquently: "Respect: It's important to all Americans. Special-interest groups know that so they've declared Saturday, Oct. 5 a day of respect. They're staging rallies to demand we double immigration and demand respect for illegal aliens. They want all of us to march in support of those who have broken our laws, taken jobs illegally and depressed our wages. Aren't there some Americans who deserve our respect first? How about some respect for the millions of Americans whose jobs were taken by illegal aliens? Respect for American workers whose incomes have been depressed by cheap immigrant labor? Respect for immigrants who patiently waited in line to come to America the right way? And how about respect for the Americans who could lose their jobs if 30 million more immigrant workers are admitted to the country? Respect is not cheap. It has to be earned. Join the conversation about respect at"
Well said.

It's a matter of time before the coalitions bully lawmakers - who cave to political pressure - to get their way on everything. Just last week, on Oct. 3, Gov. Brown signed AB 60 (dubbed "The Safe and Responsible Driver Act") which grants drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. This is another privilege being granted to non-citizens. The bill should have been more accurately labeled the "Make Police Ignore the Illegal Alien They Just Pulled Over Act." Estefania Hermosillo, a 20-year-old illegal alien attending Modesto Junior College stated, "Having a driver's license ensures that me, my family, and families like mine will be able to go to work, school and church without the constant fear that any infraction, perceived or real, would be grounds for arrest and eventual deportation. AB 60 will make that possible for my entire family not just DREAMers like me."

The term "dreamers" has a much softer sound than "illegal immigrant."

I suppose that there are lots of burglars and bank robbers who might like protection to go about their daily routine without a "constant fear" of law enforcement. Immigrants, however, pressured Sacramento to change the law. How convenient.

The idea behind the bill's support - even adopted by Republican Anthony Cannella - is since they are already here let's license them and have "safer" drivers. But do officials like Cannella and Jerry Brown really think that illegal aliens will rush to get a license that brands them as a border jumper? They broke the law getting here, so why would they take up an offer to get a license which also requires them to get auto insurance? Or do they opt for the inexpensive license and forego the insurance requirement hoping they don't hit someone else or get pulled over without?

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) also notes that safety would worsen because permitting them to legally drive would encourage them to drive on road that are not signed in English. FAIR also notes: "In many of the countries from which illegal aliens come, it is standard practice for motorists involved in accidents to flee the scene. The combination of these factors adds up to the probability that, if more illegal aliens were encouraged to drive by issuing them driver's licenses, it would lead to more accidents caused by uninsured motorists and many would be hit and run."

Where does this insanity stop? Consider that:

• The DREAM Act now offers financial college assistance to those who came here illegally;

• A group called PICO California suppored AB 4 which limits state and local law enforcement's cooperation with federal immigration authorities through the Secure Communities Program. PICO is apparently upset that the feds have deported more than 98,500 illegal residents in California. As a result, PICO notes, undocumented immigrants are "fearful of cooperating with police since any contact can potentially result in separation from their families and deportation."

• The Democrat-controlled Legislature has passed AB 218 (Fairness in Government Hiring), or the "Please Ignore Criminals When Hiring Act" which opens job opportunities by reducing "unnecessary barriers" for the nearly seven million adult Californians with a criminal record by removing the question about an individual's prior convictions from state, city, and county job applications, while permitting a background check later in the hiring process.

Both AB 4 was signed into Governor Brown over the weekend.
Brown did just veto a bill to allow illegals to serve on juries but his party won't stop until they get what they want.

These are the most insane state actions I have ever seen. It's evident that politicians with a "D" behind their name want to gain the favor of the Latino population so they can stay in power. Apparently some with an "R" behind the name are afraid what happens if they don't go along.

I have no doubt what's coming next: Granting voting privileges to those who got here illegally. If that happens, you might as well let the Trojan horse in that will eventually dissolve the border between the United State and Mexico.

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