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Its about defective people, not the guns
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Here we go again.

Every American is saddened at what happened in Parkland, Florida with the shooting at a high school. We understand that in a free country, we don't have a lot of control in stopping a person hell-bent on killing lots of people. Anything can be used as a weapon for mass deaths - airplanes, cars, bombs in a pressure cooker, a hammer, an ice pick, a knife, fertilizer bombs in rental trucks, etc.

Before the bodies are even cold in the grave, the cry from the left went up about guns. They won't be happy until every gun is seized, smashed and melted. At that point I guess mass murderers will resort to running cars into crowds and planting bombs in boxes of 16 penny construction nails.

As in every single shooting tragedy, the left-wingers in the media are good at making the issue about guns instead of the defective people misusing them. Funny that in October 2015 when Adacia Chambers - she later explained she was suffering from "psychosis" that day - ran her car into a crowd at the Stillwater, Oklahoma State homecoming parade killing four and injuring 39 others, I didn't hear any lefties cry for "car control." They know it's a silly proposition but don't see the futility in grabbing guns.

Just look at a snapshot of the headlines between the top national media websites. Fox News made it about the victims with the lead story about Florida's Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi offering to have her office pay for the funerals of murdered students. Fox News also profiled the heroic efforts of survivors who jumped into action. Contrast that with CNN who had to make the tragedy about Trump with a screaming headline, "Anguished mom pleads with Trump: Do something!" Gun-grabbing lefties at MSNBC ran with "Chuck Todd: Gun debate runs out of excuses." ran with "Florida high school survivors call for gun reform," and "Trump ended rule to block mentally ill from getting guns."

Liberal derangement syndrome is a terrible thing to watch.

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Cheryle Lanzetti Monahan hit the nail on the head about our story about Joseph Campbell being arrested three times in six days. Each time Campbell was released and went out and caused additional problems for society.

I like Cheryle's thinking. She wrote: "Chain Gang. If we bring back the chain gang, no TV or electronics in their cells at all. Possibly reward TV time in the common area on a good day. Then there would be a lot less crime. People would think twice about doing wrong, instead of doing the crime three times just for kicks."

* * * * *
You have to "love" the manipulation of facts by attorneys who defend the lowlife scumbags.

In Sacramento, confessed cop killer Luis Bracamontes was on trial for murdering two police officers. He's the human turd who said in court that he wants to kill more police officers which he affectionately called "motherf------." Prosecutors want him to face death. His public defender, Norm Dawson, argued that poor Luis was under the influence of meth at the time and defended him to jurors, saying, "He's paying his taxes, he's doing what you do."

No, Mr. Dawson, jurors aren't killing cops. And, no, Bracamontes is a drain on taxpayers. And he assaulted the psyche of a whole community who values police.

And if meth is what caused his paranoia against police, why did he continue to threaten them in court while off of meth?

Another clear-cut case for California needing the death penalty.

* * * * *
I had to laugh the other day when I read an Associated Press story that read verbatim: "Attorney General Xavier Becerra said while it is the federal government's responsibility to protect the nation's borders, the goal should be public safety, not deporting otherwise law-abiding immigrants who are in the country illegally."

Is that the same Xavier Becerra who is trying is best to delay the building of a border wall in San Diego County on environmental grounds?

Did you also detect the contradictory comment about not deporting law-abiding immigrants who are in the country illegally?

Doublespeak is here folks!

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