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It’s been a great bicycle ride of life
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette

I’ve been a bicycle rider my whole life. Fifty years ago this month I was riding my bike about six miles round trip to Bible school at Tomahawk, Ky. I did so for an entire week. During the week I was one of several young people who prayed the prayer to receive Christ. On Sunday morning in 90-degree July heat I put on the best clothes I owned and rode my Western Auto yellow three-speed bike almost five miles one way over two mountain hills to Inez, Ky. I was sweaty after that ride. I parked my bike in the front yard of Russell Williamson and went into First Baptist Church to make my decision for Christ public. Russell Williamson was a state hall of fame basketball coach, educator and businessman. Two years later I would be ordained beside Russell Williamson.

Later that night my parents would drive me back to church to be baptized. Since that day I’ve had the opportunities to travel the country and I’ve been all over the world. And, it just keeps getting better, all by the grace of God. He has been a lot better to me than I could ever be to him as I know I’m probably one of the most imperfect people God ever created. 

Still, I marvel at God’s grace, provisions and all that he allows me to do and enjoy. Here I am today, 50 years later and I don’t feel like God has ever turned his back on me or excluded me from his care. There have certainly been some bumps in the road and some rough times along the way. The way life is there are bound to be more curves and some tough terrain. It’s just life. If you think you are going to sail through life unscathed from bruises, cuts and some pain then you haven’t lived long enough to know better. Eventually you’ll know the journey of life is not always a smooth ride. 

However, I want to say I’m grateful for life and the opportunity to live life. This is a difficult time in the world for everybody in different ways. COVID-19, business failures, financial and personal struggles exclude none of us and to some extent are inclusive of us all. 

Today, allow me to give thanks for my 50-year pilgrimage of faith in Christ. It’s been quite a trip.  If you have not opened your heart to God’s love today in Christ please consider it. I’m not talking about joining a church or acting like some ridiculous religious people act. But, consider letting God love you today because he does and he will take you further than you can ever imagine.

Dr. Glenn Mollette is a graduate of numerous schools including Georgetown College, Southern and Lexington Seminaries in Kentucky. He is the author of 12 books including Uncommon Sense. His column is published weekly in over 600 publications in all 50 states.