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June was rife with left-wing lunacy
Frank Aquila

“Your government sent 1.1 million dead people stimulus checks. Wonder how many of these folks also voted absentee?” Senator Rand Paul

The Biden White House hosted several “Defund the Police” activists over the past year.

Los Angeles mayoral candidate Gina Viola calls police “watchdog” of white supremacy.

New York bail reform secured the release of serial shoplifters and a serial carjacker that allegedly dragged and nearly killed a police officer.

Oregon’s drug decriminalization effort tragically has caused an increase of drug addiction where one out of every five adults is an addict and overdose deaths up 41 percent in one year while murder rates increase.

Two Los Angeles police officers were killed by a suspect who earlier had received a plea deal on gun charges. He should have been in prison and those officers should be alive.

A 17-year-old who struck a woman walking her 8-month-old baby in a stroller in Los Angeles receives five months in a probation camp for attempted murder. The teen was already on probation for felony poisoning another teenage girl’s drink. How many attempts at murder does this criminal need?

Biden’s ICE Director intends to punish border agents over “whipping” incident despite no violation of policy after investigation.

Seven-time deported illegal alien charged with shooting at police in a DUI chase.

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security instructs border agents to not apprehend illegal aliens near border wall or Rio Grande.

Illegal alien charged with sexually abusing a 14-year-old disabled child in Maryland.

A pair of illegal aliens released into U.S. by Biden’s DHS charged with operating debit card fraud scheme.

The five-time deported illegal alien that killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco gets credit for time served for federal weapons charges.

In 2021, more than 360,000 people have moved out of California with many moving to Mexico.

Biden’s approval rating falls to 24 percent support with Hispanic Americans.

Mayra Flores becomes the first Mexican born congresswoman winning a historic race in a southern Texas district that has been held by Democrats for 150 years.  Mayra Flores replies, Democratic Party has “walked away from the Hispanic community” as more Hispanics now identify as Republicans than Democrat.

Inflation jumped to 8.6 percent, the highest level in 41 years with the highest recorded gas prices ever.  Gas prices were up 129% since Election Day while the Fed Chairman contradicts Biden’s reason for source of inflation.  Admits Democrats spent too much money. 

Michigan Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow brags that she passes “every single gas station,” “and it didn’t matter how high (gas) was.” She obviously doesn’t mind that Americans suffer.

Biden cancels $5.8 billion in student loans. Going to college is a choice. If you want to cancel loans, how about cancelling the debt of those suffering from the loss of a lost loved one with cancer?

USDA announces it will expand its definition of sex discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity forcing anyone who helps to distribute food to adopt transgender policies (like allowing men into girl’s bathrooms) or lose federal aid.

Biden signs an executive order to withhold National School Lunch Program Funds from schools that don’t adopt his perverted sexual agenda, including allowing men into a girls bathroom and locker room. Biden would literally starve our children if a school district didn’t comply.

Biden, Pelosi and other Democrats reject school choice while sending their own kids to private schools.

According to Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General, the “New American Dream” is a “drag queen for every school” to sexualize children.

Pelosi claims being “drag is what America is all about.”

New York City used $200,000 in tax funds over the past five years to have drag queens come into the classroom to interact with schoolchildren as young as three.

Democrats bring their children to drag queen event at bar titles, “Drag the Kids to Pride.” I would like to hear an explanation from Democrats and their defense to allow toddlers to be subjected to drag queen performances at gay bars. Children need to be in church and a playground, not gay bars.

Pizza Hut and State Farm Insurance face backlash after promoting drag queen and gender indoctrination books for children.

State Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco is trying to make drag shows part of a mandatory school curriculum and has introduced SB 145, which removes sex offender requirements for sodomy against a minor.

Oregon school district books contain pornographic imagery of sex acts, including oral sex in the school library. The books, “Fun Home,” “Gender Queer” and “Flamer” contains images of lesbian acts, masturbation, erections, penis sizes, and illustrations depicting naked teenage boys.

Students in Fairfax, VA will be suspended if they “misgender.” So if you call a boy a boy you get suspended if that boy wants to be called a girl? What will they say in biology class? Mental illness is not a gender.

The Marine Corps went woke featuring a Marine helmet adorned with six bullets, each a different color, comprising a rainbow. 

A “gay pride” parade featured a topless Virgin Mary. 

Michigan middle school hid the transgender status of a student from the parents, directing teachers not to inform the mother of the student about the transition.

California teacher asks students to write down how comfortable they are with anal sex.

North Carolina Preschool uses LGBT flashcards depicting a pregnant man to teach colors.

Carolina Panthers add transgender to NFL cheerleading squad.

California State Senate passes SB 1273, which allows schools not to report attacks, assaults or threats by a student to law enforcement.

California’s SB 132 is a law that allows male inmates to identify as a female to be placed in a women’s prison.

Minnesota transgender inmate sues after being refused surgery in prison.

Thought to ponder: Democrats will spend $50 million for security on their convention. Wouldn’t it be best to just put up a “gun free zone” sign to keep bad people with gun away?

Thought to ponder: Democrats believe an 18-year-old is not “mature enough” to own a firearm, but a five-year-old is “mature enough” to change his/her gender.

If you didn’t know about any of these stories, chances are you watch “Fake News” and that is just some of the Left-wing lunacy for June 2022.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots. He may be emailed at