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Left using tragedy for political gain

How long, O Lord, must your people suffer against the hands of state tyrants? How will you protect them of their ignorant choices in elected officials?

That’s not from the Bible. That’s a lamentation from the Book of Jeff.

I’ve had it. Most of you have too.

While some states are giving back the freedoms they unlawfully seized from citizens guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, we have a governor who is hell-bent on his gestapo like policies of control. How much do you want to bet he finds a way to keep his thumb down long enough to repress what little economy we have left right until Nov. 3?

* * * * *

But it’s really this evil Attorney General who gets my blood pressure going.

Xavier Becerra sent out a release (thanks Xavi man because it let’s us keep an eye on all the rotten things you are doing) on Wednesday which should tick off every farmer and every resident of Stanislaus County. (Stanislaus County Democrats, listen up because 61,497 of you foolishly voted for this buffoon and his leftist politics!)

What’s got me steamed? He’s suing Trump once again … because Trump wants to federal government to protect the water stored in our reservoirs for farms from the fish-kissing environmental wacko Democrats in Sacramento!

Trump is trying to stop the state WATER GRAB and Becerra is fighting Trump. I’m not one to call people names but Becerra is an idiot!

Let me share parts of his press release: “Today’s filing argues that the diversion of water in accordance with the Trump Administration’s revised biological opinions will cause imminent and irreparable harm to species protected under the California Endangered Species Act and the federal Endangered Species Act.” He said Trump is “recklessly endangering California’s ecosystem and depleting irreplaceable natural resources.”

Pardon me, Mr. Becerra, you are recklessly endangering Valley farms of which our entire economy spins! But, I get it, your party aims to destroy self-sufficiency and wants to put everyone on social welfare.

He follows up with more unadulterated B.S.: “We are fighting to prevent the Trump Administration’s blatant disregard for science and the law before it permanently alters California’s environmental landscape.”

Put away the violin, Xavi man. You need to be locked up in the nut house. You may really, really care about the Delta smelt, longfin smelt, and threatened steelhead trout but if you’d have your way the human race will be an endangered species because we won’t be able to eat.

Here are the facts: Don Pedro and Exchequer dams were built in the 1920s and followed up with new dams in the 1960s. The filling of New Melones Lake commenced in 1978, and the dam’s hydroelectric station produced its first power in mid-1979. Becerra was born in 1958 – long after the dams have been functioning beautifully. How does he come off saying those dams need to now flush out 40 percent of their water for fish? President Kennedy helped Gov. Pat Brown detonate the first blast for the building of San Luis Reservoir in August 1962. Can you imagine any Democrat today doing something that beneficial for California farmers? I can’t. We’re in a different world now where right is called wrong and wrong is called right. Democrats destroying the California ag industry and they don’t care because are enough dimwitted people to keep electing them. And I’m talking Newsom, Becerra, Pelosi and any other Democrat like them.

* * * * *

You have to ask yourself why Democrats like Eric Holder, Obama’s former attorney general, are using the coronavirus to advance their pet cause of advancing a voter system where everyone votes by absentee, or all-mail ballot.

Holder told TIME magazine: ““Coronavirus gives us an opportunity to revamp our electoral system so that it permanently becomes more inclusive and becomes easier for the American people to access.” Holder calls for a “sea change” in voting, allowing Americans to vote from home, using prepaid mail-in ballots and unlimited absentee voting. Apparently he is not concerned with voter fraud.

Who’s in favor of all-mail balloting? Obamas Barack and Michelle, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. I have reason for being suspicious of those endorsements.

I’ve never believed people should vote without proving they are not imposters. Besides, here’s what the “Go Postal” crowd doesn’t tell you:  In 2016, 512,696 mail-in ballots—over half a million—were simply rejected, not counted.  That’s official, from the federal Elections Assistance Commission (EAC).

But that’s just the tip of the ballot-berg of uncounted mail-in votes.  A study by MIT, Losing Votes by Mail, puts the total loss of mail-in votes at a breathtaking 22 percent.

A paper by the CalTech/MIT Voting Technology Project reported on issues nationwide with vote-by-mail services. According to their report: “…up to 3.9 million absentee ballots were requested but not received by voters in the 2008 presidential election; 2.9 million ballots that were transmitted to voters requesting them were not returned for counting; and 800,000 returned absentee ballots were rejected for counting. Thus, 35.5 million requests for absentee ballots led to 27.9 million mail-in ballots being counted. This suggests that 7.6 million absentee ballots—21 percent of all requests—leaked out of the system before counting even began.”

Eight states, including Wisconsin, North Carolina and Minnesota, require mail-in voters to have the ballot signed by a witness. The required double-verification is a nightmare—it requires breaking the lock-down—and is an invitation to ballot challenges. Three states, including Missouri, require the ballot to be notarized. (Alabama requires a notary or two witnesses.)

All but six states “verify” a signature against a registration signature. Partisan officials decide if there is a “match.”  No less than 141,000 ballots were rejected as “unmatched” in 2016. 

* * * * *

Let me get this straight. Newsom is so worried that federal stimulus checks weren’t going to people who illegally came here so he stepped in and made us California taxpayers ante up $75 million and give them money? Since the jobs have dried up they might as well return back to their native land. Just an idea.

No wonder Republicans can’t get elected to state offices. To quote Mitt Romney, “it’s hard to run against Santa Claus.” Only Santa Claus isn’t giving anything from him – it’s all from YOU!

This latest gift comes on top of the free taxpayer-funded healthcare for illegals. 

Wise up, folks. Quit electing Democrats.

* * * * *

An old classmate friend of mine and I still keep touch through Facebook. He often posts words of wisdom. This is a piece he posted on April 20: “Just a thought...Why so much emphasis COVID-19? It can be fatal, but many viral infections can be. The problem is spread by proximity (closeness). Living in large metropolitan areas, people are exposed by mass transit (subways, trains, busses). Also, social gatherings can promote the spread. But what makes COVID so special? The word is FEAR! We have been battling viral infections (some fatal) for years. We go to battle annually against Influenza (A, B, and variants), only to be told that the flu shot is less than 50 percent effective. We hear about mystery outbreaks of Rubella (German measles) happening at schools (and Disneyland), even though an immunization exists to prevent it. And, when it comes to cruises, everyone has heard of the dreaded Norovirus. Has the cruise industry scuttled their ships? Absolutely not!

“We know what the virus is and we know how to avoid it. We have protocols to help protect us from infection. Research and treatment studies are in process, yielding results daily. We have ‘essential’ workers out there showing us daily that we can survive outside our confinement.

“More government money isn’t the answer.”


* * * * *

Have you noticed that Democrats tend to be firm lockdown people while the Republicans seem to be siding with freedom?

* * * * *

If you want an example of government overreach, read on.

Liberal Mendocino County – that pot basket of the world – is restricting churches from streaming worship singing and the playing of wind instruments in online church services unless the worship originates from individual residences.

The order issued by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors states, “No singing or use of wind instruments, harmonicas, or other instruments that could spread COVID-19 through projected droplets shall be permitted unless the recording of the event is done at one’s residence, and involving only the members of one’s household or living unit, because of the increased risk of transmission of COVID-19.”

Violation of or failure to comply with the order is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.

The county’s effective ban on worship teams lasts until May 10, 2020, and includes «venues, such as concert halls, auditoriums, churches, temples, and playhouses,” and says, “Only four individuals may be present for the live event. All others must participate remotely.”

Dr. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said Mendocino’s order violates the “integrity of Christian worship.” He further added that government officials “should require that churches respect and maintain physical distancing” between the few participants involved in a streamed worship service but that it is “an entirely different matter, however, to tell Christians that they cannot sing in praise and honor of God.”

This kind of crap is going on everywhere. Erick Simmons, the mayor of Greenville, Mississippi who is a Democrat, and his City Council tried to fine members of the Temple Baptist Church $500 a piece for a drive-in church service on April 8 in which the churchgoers stayed in their cars. The mayor has since backed off under pressure. The Republican governor of the state, Tate Reeves responded by saying, “If you send police after worshippers trying to social distance, you are going to have Mississippians revolt.” He further stated: “Don’t trample the constitution. Please use sense, everybody.”

The Democrat governor of Virginia, the racist Ralph Northam, is being sued by  Pastor Kevin Wilson and Lighthouse Fellowship Church on Chincoteague Island for targeting Christians during that state’s lockdown. The suit comes after police served a summons to Wilson for holding a church service for 16 people spaced far apart in a sanctuary sized for 293 people. Lighthouse helps keep people free of drug addiction, brokenness, mental illness, poverty, and prostitution. The church, which does not have internet, provides physical, emotional and spiritual services to the community.

* * * * *

When a video went viral on YouTube with over 5 million views showing two Bakersfield doctors saying it’s time to let go of the lockdown, the video was pulled. Apparently forces don’t like the idea of letting people have their freedoms.

The doctors are Daniel W. Erickson, a former emergency-room physician who co-owns, with his partner Dr. Artin Massih, Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield. The doctors reported truthfully that state leaders like Gov. Newsom predicted millions would die on faulty modeling. At the time of their press conference California had 33,865 COVID cases, out of 280,900 tested. That’s 12% of Californians were positive for COVID. They noted that there is a 0.03 percent chance of dying from COVID in California and question why that necessitates sheltering in place and shutting down medical systems.

The two good doctors also note that nationally over 4 million have been tested with 19.6 percent positive. They suggest more have COVID-19 than they realize, like 64 million which is similar to flu numbers. COVID-19 has contributed to the deaths of 43,545—similar to the flu of 2017-18. We always have between 37,000 and 60,000 deaths in the United States, every single year. No pandemic talk. No shelter-in-place. No shutting down businesses.

They also suggest the lockdown is creating problems that don’t need to occur. Child molestation, spousal abuse, chemical abuse, depression and suicides are all on the rise because people are bored and have been ripped loose from the routine that they enjoy. Not to mention hypertension and heart issues from the stress.

Sheltering in place decreases an immune system so they want everyone to go about their lives so they will have strong immune systems!

They said, as have I, that nothing about this makes sense. Unless it’s because this is an election year and the “get Trumpers” think destroying the great U.S. economy is the way to achieve that goal.

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