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Left-wing lunacy was clearly evident in September
Frank Aquila

Left-wing lunacy was so rampant in September. 

You cannot have a left-wing lunacy letter without Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who flaunted a “Tax the Rich” dress at the Met Gala from a dress designer who owes $103,220 in back taxes, $62,722 in workers comp; but yet still found $250,000 for a table at the gala. AOC then received two ethic violations for taking gifts while being a member of Congress. Seems like AOC believes she is elite and therefore, the rules don’t apply to her.

Speaking of rules not applying to the elite, Nancy Pelosi’s husband has made millions on insider trading which includes Tesla and Crowdstrike purchases. Any other citizen would be in prison. At the same time, Pelosi is trying to ram through a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill that provides $200 million for her favorite San Francisco Park.

Then you have millionaire Joe Biden, who owes $500,000 in back taxes by avoiding paying Medicare taxes according to a Congressional Research Service report. Biden wants to raise $2.1 trillion on the American people to pay their “fair share” but shirts his own taxes.

For the entire Trump presidency we heard the Fake News media pound the drums of Trump-Russian collusion; but the truth was revealed when Attorney John Durham revealed through a grand jury indictment that the Obama/Biden Justice Department did in fact spy on the Trump campaign through the DOJ’s “Crossfire Hurricane”, which started the same day Clinton attorney, Michael Sussman, along with other Clinton lawyers, Fusion GPS, and Christopher Steele met at the DNC law firm of Perkins Coie. Sussman, who was also a lawyer to Hillary Clinton, fed false information to the FBI’s general counsel to accuse President Trump and the Trump Organization of “covert communications” with a Russian bank to initiate the fake Trump-Russian collusion investigation while lying that he was not part of the Clinton campaign.  Liberal networks had no problem with wall to wall coverage of the fake Trump-Russian collusion investigation or lies to impeach President Trump; but when the root of the lie was revealed it was part of the Clinton campaign scheme, the networks simply dropped the story.

“Fake news” media now confirms the Hunter Biden laptop story after ignoring it prior to the election and even banning people and the New York Post on social media outlets falsely deleting as false and against Community Standards claiming it was “Russian disinformation.”

The “fake news” media also ignored documents that suggested Dr. Fauci lied to Congress including funding to the Wuhan lab that created COVID. While Fauci stated you are not fully vaccinated unless you had both boosters as well, it appears the first vaccine was rushed for approval as FDA officials resign over White House “mess” of vaccine guidance, failing to “follow the science” pledge. Still, none of the boosters have been fully approved.

Meanwhile Biden mandates Americans, Congress and their staffers are exempted. Yet, many in the medical field jobs such as Indiana’s largest hospital have 125 employees leave over the vaccine mandate. New York hospital will stop delivering babies after maternity workers resign over vaccine mandates. Evidently, last year’s heroes are this year’s zeros. So basically Biden is trying to tell America that we are in a pandemic with hospital bed shortages while at the same time telling nurses and healthcare workers their services are no longer needed if they don’t comply with the government orders.

Still, Democrats and the elites don’t have to follow the guidelines. Los Angeles County defends packed maskless Emmys because they’re celebrities. Maskless San Francisco mayor breaks own health order, seen partying with BLM co-founder at nightclub. The same people who say mandatory vaccines are about health, are the same people who say it is okay for people to defecate on the street.

If the vaccine manufacturers (agents of China) are given protection from lawsuits, shouldn’t the American citizens have the same right to refuse the vaccines (profiting China, who created the virus)?

The Biden Administration, through the National Archives Record Administration, has placed a “harmful content” warning on the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and “you know the thing” quote from Biden. Yes, a “harmful content” warning on the Declaration of Independence.

Democrats are upset that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a hearing about whether abortions should or should not be allowed in states that believe life begins when the baby has a “heartbeat” yet believe there is “proof of life” when bacteria is discovered on Mars.

Arizona’s audit on the 2020 Election revealed there were more than 50,000 potential illegal ballots with wrong or invalid addresses, duplicated ballots, or voters who voted in multiple counties.

The Democrat media lapdogs ignored “significant findings” supporting President Trump’s complaints about the 2020 election.

AOC describes women as “menstruating person” in an interview.

Video emerges of a California Antifa teacher admitting that a growing number of teachers use the classroom to push “Communist Agenda.”

Minnesota public school curriculum, with lesson plans asks K-12 students to play sex scenarios as gay or transgender so “sexuality education materials have addressed the needs of adolescents.”

New York City educators want to remove Honor Roll because it is “detrimental” to student not making grades. (How about inspiring those students to do better by rewarding those who have done well?)

Virginia Tech professor apologizes for being white. Catholic University professor teaches that “white” suicide is an “ethical act.” A Virginia high school teacher posted a video criticizing the concept of students behaving themselves and sitting quietly in class and “following directions” is white supremacy.

“We have a situation in our country where the powerful elite – people like Hillary Clinton – those around her, the deep state, the media, they’re all colluding to destroy outsiders who they deem as posing a threat to their power.”  Democrat Senator Tulsi Gabbard

If you didn’t know about any of these stories, chances are you watch “fake news” and that is just some of the Left-wing lunacy for August 2021.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin/Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.”  He can be emailed at