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Littering is not acceptable
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Ceres code enforcement personnel recently nabbed an individual who had been illegally dumping yard cuttings on a city street. Apparently this had been going on for a long time to the chagrin of the neighbors and at the expense of the city, which had to clean up the mess each time.

We know that some commercial landscaping businesses have been regularly dumping yard wastes and trimmings on city streets in order to avoid the expense of using the proper disposal facility. Ceres code enforcement personnel need tips and information about persons engaged in these illegal dumping practices. You can call 538-5712 to report in-progress illegal dumping. I have asked the code enforcers and police officers to find the violators and arrest them. We will also seek civil damages for the expenses incurred by the city of Ceres for having to deal with the illegal dumping.

It is an established fact that the cleaner a community is, the safer it is. The theory is that a community that cares about its appearance is also one to be more intolerant of crime, while at the same time, it is more likely to be attentive to other quality of life issues. It is important that we do what is necessary to clean up the community and keep it that way. Some people may assert that the City has its priorities wrong. To the contrary, there are good reasons to clean things up and take action against illegal dumpers.

There is a bulky items pick-up program in Ceres, contracted to Bertolotti. Residents may take advantage of this program twice yearly. This service may be utilized by calling Bertolotti at 537-1500 for an appointment with one-week advance notice. There are restrictions on the amount and type of materials that can be handled through the collection program. Bertolotti can provide the details of what items are eligible for pick-up and the restrictions. In particular, "e-waste" like computers, televisions, paint and other hazardous materials are excluded and must be brought to one of the special collection facilities. You can call 525-4123 for related information.

There is no acceptable excuse for littering or illegal dumping. It harms everyone by degrading the community and setting the stage for blight and crime. As citizens of this community, we must do our part to report such crime and dispose of waste properly.