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Examples of ‘left wing lunacy’ from November 2021
Frank Aquila

Left Wing Lunacy continued into November with the Democrats losing a statewide election in Virginia as voters are angry at the direction the Democrats want to take America.

Maybe Tlaib should remember what the Taliban in Afghanistan did when they emptied all the prisons – including the terrorists. 

“Smash and grab” is the new crime wave in America, especially in Democrat-run cities where Democrats’ “bail injustice” has allowed crime to soar. When there are no consequences, criminals will get away with all crimes.

The San Francisco Chronicle suggests residents be tolerant of crime as just part of their everyday life.

An ISIS terror cell is discovered in Northern Virginia after Biden allows 100,000 unvetted Muslim tribesmen from Afghanistan. Despite Biden’s vow, Afghanistan evacuees admitted to the U.S. underwent almost no vetting after interviews.

Biden is considering a plan to give each illegal alien separated from their family $450,000 and family units 1 million. Yet, children and families who were separated by illegal aliens killing them received nothing. Why should those here illegally receive anything much less more than what the families receive when one of our military is killed in action?

A Honduran illegal alien was charged with murder in Florida.

There are now 2 million illegal aliens in America without being required to be vaccinated; but if you are an American, Biden and the Democrats want to wreck your life if you don’t comply.

Biden continues to have illegal aliens transported to various states like Florida in the middle of the night to resettle without COVID vaccines. The Texas Attorney General stated: “These people are moved around secretly overnight on planes and busses. Some of them have COVID. Some of them are potentially criminals. They could be terrorists. We don’t know.”

Travel bans are okay now after Biden called Trump’s travel restrictions racist and “xenophobic” and Kamala Harris tweeting “Trump’s extended un-American travel ban undermines our nation’s core values. It is clearly driven by hate, not security.”

There have been 50,000 deaths from fully vaccinated people worldwide, including over 16,000 deaths in America with Dr. Fauci admitting vaccines don’t protect against serious Covid or deaths. Even CNN and NBC are reporting hospitalization is rising among fully vaccinated in the U.S.

Nancy Pelosi caught mask-less at lavish wedding while kids are forced to mask while sitting at their desk.

A 7 year old student has been suspended 36 times for refusing to wear a mask, might have to repeat second grade.

San Francisco and New York now requires five-year-olds to show proof of vaccination to go to a McDonald’s.

Dr. Fauci says babies could be eligible for COVID vaccines by early next year.

Democrat Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signs an executive order for hospitals to refuse unvaccinated people.

Army orders commanders to “flag” unvaccinated troops to block reenlistment, effectively ending their military careers.

Saule Omarova, Biden’s nominee to lead a branch of the Treasury Department, is a communist who wants the federal government to take over private bank accounts.

Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg calls highways “racist” and plans to tear down “racist” bridge.

FBI raids Project Veritas looking for Ashley Biden’s diary, which allegedly states Joe Biden took showers with her.

Liberals are enraged by “Let’s go Brandon” chants; but applauded vulgar rhetoric against Trump. CNN compares the chants to ISIS support.

In one county in Wisconsin, 23,000 voters have the same phone number with 4,000 registered with the birthday Jan. 1, 1900.

There was another indictment in the Durham Investigation Trump-Russian collusion hoax with the indictment of Igor Danchenko, a Russian agent tied to the Steele Dossier, which was funded by the Democrat National Committee and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. It seems like the Democrats and their media lapdogs, which falsely accused President Trump, owe Trump an apology but the Fake News media ignored about the story.

A painting of George Floyd depicted as Jesus Christ hangs on display at Catholic University of America.

If you didn’t know about any of these stories, chances are you watch “fake news” and that is just some of the Left-wing lunacy for November 2021.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin/Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.”  He can be emailed at