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Mom did right in case of TV theft
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Sometimes tough love is painful.

Especially when it comes to having children pay the consequence for their misdeeds.

Recently we reported about the Friday, Sept. 5 arrest of a Ceres father and son who were involved in the matter of a TV taken from the ex-wife's house. Essentially what happened was 18-year-old Michael Cervantez moved out of his mother's house living in the 1900 block of Columbard Way a week prior to move in with his father in the 3000 block of Point Gray Road. The teen was told by mom not to take the large TV worth $2,000 which was awarded to her during divorce proceedings but he did anyway while she was not at home. His own grandmother, who also lives in the home, pleaded for Michael not to take the set. When Mrs. Cervantez heard that her son took the TV against her orders, she asked for its return and he refused to return it. She then contacted ex-husband Robert Cervantez who also refused to return it. He was told to return it or police would become involved.

That's exactly what happened. Police went to Robert Cervantez's home where officers could see the TV in plain sight when the door opened. Robert stated that Michael wasn't going to return the TV and closed the door and turned the lights out.

The mom asked the officer if he could present Michael's options: return the set or she'd file a theft report. That's when things got ugly. Michael allegedly began yelling profanities at his mother, joined in by his father and new stepmother. At one point the new stepmom yelled that she was going to break the TV. Robert allegedly pushed the officer and was placed in a wrist lock by the officer and handcuffed, charged with obstructing or delaying an officer and possession of stolen property.

Michael was booked for grand theft.

The TV was returned to the mother.

The mom asked officers if they'd get released since the television had been retrieved but the policeman explained Robert had resisted arrest as well as keeping stolen property and her son had stolen the television which was worth over $1,000.

After the arrest, the son asked his mom if he could take a smaller TV and she consented.

The mother was upset that my article made it seem that she wanted her son arrested. She says she didn't. But she was also clear that she did not want her son getting away with such behavior.

At least two persons on our Facebook page felt the mother was putting material goods ahead of her son. I say good for mom. Allowing a child to get away with such disrespectful and criminal behavior is only encouraging him to do more in the future. The villain isn't the mom - it's the son and father.

The incident was a string of local crimes in which the victim allowed the relative/perpetrator to not get away with things.

On Sept. 3 we reported about a Ceres grandmother who asked police to arrest grandson Rolando Solorio, 20, of Ceres, after he hurt her physically during a fight in the 2500 block of Don Pedro Road. He was arrested for battery and possession of methamphetamine.

And on Aug. 25 a Ceres mom asked that her daughter be arrested after being kicked in the stomach during an assault. Priscilla Gonzalez, 18, was booked for battery.

It's not about holding possessions above family. It's all about trying to make someone a better person by facing the results of poor decisions.

Maybe instead of hurling insults at the mother of Michael Cervantez, we need to stand up and applaud her. Imagine what kind of world we would have if we allowed bad behavior - especially from our children - to go on unchecked.

The mom wants something good to come of this. I'd say that what would be good is if more parents would get the message to do the right thing and get tough when their kids step out of line. Protecting children from consequences is not the loving thing to do. After all, the term "tough love" does have a meaning doesn't it?

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