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More examples of left-wing lunacy
Frank Aquila

Democrats began their left-wing lunacy in November by conducting an impeachment inquiry against President Trump even though their witnesses never met or spoken to President Trump or had any firsthand knowledge of the transcript between he or President Zelensky of Ukraine. The one witness who did have direct contact with President Trump, Ambassador Gordon Sondland stated the president wanted no quid pro quo and when all the witnesses were asked to cite any impeachable offense, none could be provided. In a hearing of no due process and hearsay, Democrat Mike Quigley stated, “hearsay can be much better evidence than direct” evidence. Wow! So apparently Democrats feel it is better to convict someone on someone telling you something rather than seeing the crime occur itself? 

Speaking of crime, it seems Democrats have a problem with law enforcement as Alexandria Ocascio-Corez (AOC) endorsed the “Punch-a-Cop” movement as protestors threatened officers while vandalized police cars yelling, “Don’t let these pigs touch us,” “Hit em!,” “No Cops, No Fares” as protestors jump subway turnstiles without paying. AOC approved of the disobedience stating, “Arresting people who can’t afford $2.75 fares makes no one safer.” I suppose AOC doesn’t mind threats against officers and assumes the subway should be free to anyone. 

Maybe some of those rioters were actually trying to get put in jail since if you are arrested in New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced free inmates who actually show up to court will be gifted movie passes, gift cards, or tickets to Mets games.

It is no wonder that with the attitude AOC has with police officers that she supports Bernie Sanders for president after Bernie vowed to stop the deportation of illegal aliens who have committed murder and sex offenses.

Maryland must have also endorsed Bernie as a child molester was released to allow him to avoid being taken into custody by ICE. In another Maryland county, a wooden bench made with a blue line painted across it as a gift to the officers, was banned and labeled “divisive.” 

While Democrats continue to attack law enforcement, they have no problem having criminals as their elected officials.  In Virginia, Democrat Joe Morrissey was elected to the State Senate despite being jailed in his 50’s for having sex with a minor and indicted on felony charges for possession and distribution of child pornography. Seems Democrats don’t have a problem with electing pedophiles. 

Speaking of pedophiles, Project Veritas revealed ABC News refused to run a story three years ago on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who reporter Amy Robach revealed many prominent and wealthy men – including President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew – were engaging in sex with young girls at Epstein’s Orgy Island Estates where teenage girls.  ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, who was an advisor to Clinton, killed the story.  The alleged whistleblower, who was working for CBS News, was fired after ABC News informed them; but may have very well fired the wrong person. It seems liberals don’t mind protecting pedophiles or hiding real stories of their liberal counterparts; but they are willing to push hearsay against Justice Kavanaugh or have an alleged whistleblower fired for revealing the truth they were supposed to reveal themselves.

California has now become the only state where you are required to pick up your dog’s feces; but not your own as the bums defecate on the sidewalk.  If those bums are allowed to urinate on the sidewalk as well, in San Francisco, public urination and prostitution will no longer be prosecuted as the son of cop-killing terrorists; Chesa Boudin has become the new district attorney. To celebrate, Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewers led a chant, “F--- the Police” at the DA election party.

Seems the politicians of California are also spending too much time how to protect criminals and due to wacky environmental laws that prevent the removal of dry brush and dead trees, fires spread throughout much of the state.  Yet, not one of the 20 presidential Democratic candidates, including Kamala Harris came to see those displaced Californians. Gov. Newsom was also blasted for failing to attend a funeral for Deputy Brian Ishmael, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien.

California also lost its bid to keep President Trump off the California ballot as the court rejected the Democrat’s law.  Seems California’s anti-Trump lawsuits have actually cost taxpayers $21 million so no wonder Democrats want to raise taxes to pay for frivolous lawsuits. Yet, California is home to one-third of the nation’s welfare and half of the nation’s homeless population.

A California school district also just decided they will have full control of what the parent’s child can see or not see in school as parents were told they could not pull their children from LGBTQ sex education. Further, teacher Aurelia Vera of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party told her classroom that “boys need to be castrated at birth” to prevent men from governing. She added, “The gonads is where they derive strength.”

This is just some of the left-wing lunacy for November 2019.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere” and can be emailed at