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National media takes Trump out of context to destroy him

As a newspaper editor, nothing disturbs me more than dishonest reporters in the national media who misquote Donald Trump. They do it on purpose and do it all the time.

It first started in 2018 when Trump came down the escalator and made an issue of the bad elements coming across the border. It framed their narrative that Trump was anti-immigrant.

It continued with how they ganged up on Trump after his remarks on the “Unite the Right” incident in Charlottesville. While the organizers did include questionable characters who had extreme views, the gathering included people who were opposed to tearing down historical statues.

One man James Alex Fields Jr. , drove his car into the crowd and killed a woman and injured 35 others.

Trump said he could see blame on both sides and that there were “very fine people” on both sides, yet when they reported it they suggested that Trump praised the KKK as fine people.

The media, of course, edited his remarks to exclude what also came out of his mouth: “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally–but you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists.»

But in the media’s view, if you are an American who is upset to seeing history dismantled in the name of woke political correctness, you are a despicable human being.

My opinion is that those statues of Confederate generals and such as lessons in what we need to avoid in the future. 

The second lie parroted in the media was that Trump never condemned the KKK. That is also a bald-faced lie because he did.

The misinformation continues this year when Trump said there would be a “bloodbath” in the American auto industry if China is allowed to build cars in Mexico and ship them over the border to sell to us. Trump said he would slap a tariff on those cars to stop auto makers from being destroyed and cautioned that if he doesn’t return to the White House to protect American car companies – since Biden would do nothing of the sort – that the auto industry would see a “blood bath.” But the rabid anti-Trump media took his words out of context to suggest that if he’s not elected there will be a bloodbath in the streets, inferring that Republicans would cause a blood bath.

Funny belief given that the day of the Trump inauguration, progressives were tearing up buildings in Washington, D.C.

The most recent deliberate attempt of the media to lie to TV audiences was their reports on his remarks on March 16 in Vandalia, Ohio where he addressed the illegal immigration crisis.

The video is clear. Trump said: “If I had prisons that were teaming with MS-13 and all sorts of people that they’ve got to take care for the next 50 years, right? Young people, they’re in jail for years – if you call them people I don’t know if you call them people in some cases, they’re not people in my opinion. But I’m not allowed to say that because the radical left says that’s a terrible thing to say. They say, ‘You have to vote against him because did you hear what he said about humanity?’ I’ve seen the humanity and these are bad … these are animals.”

I’ll be the first confess that Trump isn’t the most eloquent and gifted speaker who speaks in broken sentences but it was obvious he was calling the drug dealing and murderous gang members from south of the border “animals,” not migrants in general.

But members of the media, from Anderson Cooper on down, misreported his remark. NBC said this: “And last night at a rally in Ohio Trump said some undocumented immigrants aren’t people.”

ABC’s Jonathan Carl reported that Trump “called some of the undocumented immigrants who have crossed the Mexican border ‘animals.’” ABC then followed with an out-of-context edit of Trump saying: “They’re not people in my opinion but I’m not allowed to say it.”

Wow, such dishonest reporting only to foment more hate for the man.

Jonathan Carl should have reported it this way: “Trump called some of the border jumping gang members in American jails and prisons for dealing drugs, committing murders and other heinous acts as ‘animals.’”

ABC also suggested that Trump was guilty of “ramping up his dehumanizing rhetoric toward certain migrants….”

How convenient that ABC selectively omitted reference to the “certain migrants” who just so happen to be dangerous criminal thugs who crossed the border illegally to commit mayhem here. 

Most Americans absolutely do feel that dangerous gang members who commit murder and deal drugs are animals. Spare me!

No wonder 39 percent of the American people mistrust the national media – because they outright deceive and lie. The national media IS DISGUSTING.

Open up your eyes, folks. The machine is out to destroy Trump at all cost.

* * * * *

Speaking of media bias, National Public Radio (NPR) is among the worst. Taxpayer money goes into NPR and recently a senior editor within NPR, Uri Berliner, became concerned about the abject leftist slant to its programming. He called them out after finding out that NPR is a hotbed of liberal progressives. In fact, of the 87 in the newsroom, all were registered Democrats and none were Republican.

Berliner said the internal culture at NPR had made race and identity ”paramount in nearly every aspect of the workplace.”

When he went public with his complaints, Berliner was given a five-day suspension with no pay. He later resigned, leaving behind a 25-year career and taking a parting shot at NPR’s chief executive, Katherine Maher. She has come under fire recently for a series of posts on social media attacking Hillary Clinton for her use of the words “boy” and “girl” because, she said, it was “erasing language for non-binary people.”

In 2020 Maher also said of the BLM riots, “it is hard to be mad” about the widespread destruction. In 2018 she posted that Donald Trump was a racist.

* * * * *

As voters we have a chance this November to take back our state and fix the unbridled crime occurring in our cities.

It’s an initiative that will undo the horrible mistake made by voters in 2014 when they were deceived into passing Prop. 47. The initiative reclassified retail thefts and property thefts as misdemeanor crimes and not felonies.

The plan is to name the new initiative as the “Homeless, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act.” That is, if the state Attorney General doesn’t slap some deceptive title to it. This new proposition would overturn the three worst parts of Prop. 47. It should have no problem of generating the 546,000 required signatures needed by later this month to qualify for the ballot.

By being able to arrest people again for drug possession is to get them into rehab and then work on getting them off the streets.

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco is blunt about it saying: “We need to stop calling it homeless. It really isn’t that. It’s drug addiction and alcohol addiction that’s causing mental health issues and we don’t need to argue about which causes which.”

The new proposition would also make it a felony once again to steal from stores and homes.

Even San Francisco Mayor London Breed, a Democrat, is in favor of it as well as the district attorneys and law enforcement.

Everyone but you-know-who! Gov. Newsom.

He’s afraid to admit that he made a huge mistake when he fully endorsed Prop. 47 from the start. His fragile ego is at stake. The fact that Newsom won’t admit he made a mistake shows what kind of self-serving politician he really is.

* * * * *

Speaking of liberal media bias, look as close as the Central Valley Journalism Collaborative churning out DEI stories every week.

Their last piece grabbed my attention: “Black Maternal Health Symposium equips Valley birthing professionals and providers with advocacy tools.” I bristled to read that it was about an April 11 symposium in French Camp that was themed “Our Bodies STILL Belong to Us: Reproductive Justice Now.” That has a very militant tone to it, doesn’t it? Never mind that of course women have a right to reproduce but the issue is should women have the “right” to kill that other body growing inside of their own. If you’re Gavin Newsom and of his political persuation, you must believe that babies have zero rights to life.

But that’s not why I flagged this press release. It was this sentence: “Black maternal and infant health were also found to be negatively influenced by racist societal factors like the history of medical mistreatment of Black women, police brutality and not being listened to by doctors.”

Hold on. Black mothers today aren’t seeking proper medical care why? Because of racist medical clinics and doctors? Because of the PAST mistreatment of black women? What doctor mistreats black women today? Their head would be on a stick. Also, what does the rare occurrence of police brutality have to do with black women avoiding seeking medical care?

This is pure bunk and plays into the old making excuses policy for bad decisions.

I wrote about this previously when Senate candidate Katie Porter – thank God she lost – suggested black maternal outcomes were due to racism. (What isn’t related to racism if you’re on the Left?) Here is a copy and paste from my column of Jan. 31: “Why are black maternal health outcomes getting worse? Lack of education and poor life habits and not race is key factors. While black women are three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than white women, the CDC says it’s due to many factors including underlying chronic conditions.

“Retired registered nurse Karen Pennington, said this: “I worked as an OB R.N, I must say that I saw no difference in the medical care of black, white, or any other treatment or care of the mothers or babies. However, the majority of the black mothers were teenagers who did the typical teen life of smoking, poor eating habits. The baby’s father usually wasn’t involved and she was dating another guy. Most were having the second child by age eighteen. Who took any notice of the baby was grandma. It’s cultural.”

So it’s the ignorant and poor moms – I might add of all colors – who suffer from their bad decisions.

This column is the opinion of Jeff Benziger, and does not necessarily represent the opinion of The Ceres Courier or 209 Multimedia Corporation.  How do you feel about this? Let Jeff know at