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The parallels of two historic trials
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette

Everything Jesus said and did was twisted by the religious elite of his day to bring charges against him. Charges that amounted to nothing, but they pushed the charges until he was brought to trial where he was found guilty of nothing.

The mean, wicked, sadly religious people who hated Jesus were willing to say and twist anything to eliminate him and so they did – they thought. When they were given the option to say what they wanted to happen to Jesus they yelled crucify him and they did by beating and whipping Jesus like no human being had ever been beaten. He was then nailed to a cross where they watched him die horrifically. 

Never has any man been hated so much and treated so inhumanly as Jesus. It all began with the hatred that the religious leaders had for Jesus. Next, came the accusations by the mob, twisting his words, totally misinterpreting what he said and making mountains out of molehills. They killed Jesus but he came back to life like never before. He defeated the grave, giving the world the good news that we celebrate and live by every day.

For hundreds of years, religious groups in the Middle East have fought with each other and given religion a bad name. I don’t think it’s flattering to be accused of being religious since the meanest people in the world are religious. Just read and watch the television to see who is doing all the fighting in the Middle east and usually done in the name of religion. Some of these people are barbaric in how they have treated prisoners and villages they have annihilated. The epitome of evil was on full display during the arrest, trail and crucifixion of Jesus with the religious people leading the way.

President Trump is not Jesus nor am I comparing him personally to the divinity of Jesus. No human can be compared to Jesus. However, the media and Democrats are using the same playbook used by first century thugs against Jesus. The trumped up charges by the Democrats, the pure hate that Democrats spew at him and the way that everything that Trump says or anything he does is spun by NBC. CNN and House Democrats like he in some way has committed blasphemy, is kind of like how Jesus was accused, tried and crucified. I don’t see that Trump is going to be crucified but Democrats want him found guilty and removed from office for certain. We will stay tuned to future jargon and jockeying by the House, Senate and of course the president.

Anyhow, may we all have a peaceful and happy New Year. Hopefully we can all survive and overcome what they do to us in Washington.

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