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President Trump wont quit nor should he
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette

Should President Donald Trump quit?

A large percentage of Americans voted against him and continue to dislike him.

About all of the Democrats in Congress are against him and there are certainly Republicans who aren't Trump fans.

I was recently in France and there are plenty of people in that country who mock Trump.

I would wager transgender people in the military don't like him.

The protestors who show up wherever he is to protest, some of them paid to do so, don't like him.

Most of the media hates Trump. You would think NBC would love Trump. He made mega millions for that network with his successful The Apprentice television show. NBC begins every Today show and evening nightly news with five to 15 minutes of Trump bashing. This week I timed the Trump bashing segment on the Today show at 14 minutes and some seconds. They came on at 7 and immediately began with the Russian collusion story that they pound every day almost seven days a week. Of course, CNN hates Trump and still cannot come to grips with the fact that Hillary Clinton lost.

The American people voted for Trump and Trump won the election. I did not vote against Hillary because of Russian interference. I voted for Trump because I felt we desperately need a change of direction in this country.

With so much of the media, American people and politicians against Trump it would only make sense that his wherewithal to stay with the tasks at hand would be daunting. I suspect it's harder than we know and we don't know what is going on with him internally. He obviously churns a lot about the current Attorney General Jefferson Sessions. The former FBI director James Comey is probably a splinter in his side but the list of splinters in Trump's skin would be almost unending.

President Trump will not be quitting and I would never want him to. He's just been elected and he has a lot to accomplish. Having to jockey your life around the haggling of Congress would have to be extremely difficult. Trump is used to being a businessman and moving on with the business at hand. He would like to operate this way as president but, of course, that's impossible. He has Congress to kill most anything he would like to accomplish. Somehow they will find a way to save their own skin with the healthcare bill. Instead of taking action they will delay and amend until they can feel like they can fly home and tell everybody they have personally rallied Congress to save healthcare.
Trump was mocked when he talked about running for president. Most of the media thought he was joking. Many on air media personalities just knew he was going to pull his name off the list. They felt like it was a publicity stunt.

Many people fail to push ahead in life because the crowd is difficult to overcome. There will always be voices who will ask, "Why do you want to do such and such?" Or they will be negative about any ambitious ideas that you have. You will find this from close family to friends to work place peers. If you listen close enough you will lose your focus on going forward and you'll end up staying right where you are for the rest of your life. Just remember these same people will later criticize you for sitting where you are and not doing anything with your life. Thus, learn from wise people who are truly wise but then leave the others behind and go forward.

Trump won't quit because he is not used to quitting. He's had plenty of failures and shortcomings but his mindset has been to keep moving even when he suffered a loss.

Trump's going to stick with being president. Members of Congress who want to accomplish some positive change in this country shouldn't waste the next three and a half years and work hard with him to accomplish some positive change in this country.

Glenn Mollette is a syndicated columnist and author of 12 books. He is read in all 50 states.