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SF’s Wiener a danger to minors in California

When the people elect moral reprobates like state Senator Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat, you get some truly morally bankrupt legislation.

By now you may have heard that SB 145 is waiting for the governor’s signature. Wiener’s bill would lessen the criminal penalties for any adult having oral or anal sex with a consenting minor and as long as the offender is not more than 10 years older. So you could have a 24-year-old messing around with a 14-year-old.

SB145 would give judges discretion over sex-offender registration in all cases involving voluntary intercourse between teenagers ages 14 to 17, who cannot legally consent, and adults who are less than 10 years older.

Wiener thinks current law discriminates against gay persons who want to prey on minors. Can you believe this crap?

Wiener, who is gay, said his bill has triggered “toxic, poisonous hate and homophobia and anti-Semitism” in recent weeks from “right-wing conspiracy theorists and others.”

This is no right-wing conspiracy. Wiener has no conscience and does not belong in the state Capitol. He should be bounced out on his rear end.

That’s the problem. He thinks he can pass off such legislation as rectifying the injustices of the LGBTQ community? Does he think it should be normal to have sexual relations with children who are not mature enough to make wise decisions? And he thinks he deserves no pushback? What universe does this man live in?

Voters in that district have nowhere to turn. It’s election year for Wiener and he’s being challenged by a Jackie Fielder, a 25-year-old college lecturing carpetbagger who loves BLM, thinks the climate is dooming us all and wants to punish successful business people with more taxes. She’s just another typical young leftist who doesn’t really know enough about life to think intelligently about anything.

* * * * *

Ceres Police Sgt. Jason Coley – long employed with the city – has retired.

He didn’t take too kindly to Councilman Channce Condit’s insistence that the City Council, once again, take up his idea that new hires be asked if they are willing to move to Ceres if hired. It’s been a controversial push on Condit’s part, rejected once already, based on the premise that by changing one’s address determines how well of an employee you will be to Ceres. The city attorney has advised not going down that road since anyone skipped over in the hiring process could seek legal redress based on discrimination of how he/she answers the question.

Coley, on the Courier’s Facebook page, did not mince words when he opined that Condit’s idea was “absolutely stupid.” He continued: “Instead of wanting folks to live in the city limits and add a question on an application, why doesn’t he consider the value and merit of the employee wanting the position with the city? One of the arguments he made – when it was shot down last time – was he feels the employees would be more invested in Ceres. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are hundreds of employees who work there and don’t live in the city limits that are 100 percent invested in Ceres. They do fantastic work for the citizens and are very dedicated to Ceres and its mission. These employees chose to live where they want to and why? Because they want to! For the record, Condit doesn’t do any hiring anyway except a single vote on directors, chief and manager positions. My advice, concentrate on more important things that really matter.”

Coley, for the record, does not live in Ceres nor do many of the police officers who live in neighboring communities like Modesto, Waterford and Turlock. And if I were a police officer I’m not sure I want to be living in the community where I am out ticketing and arresting people for crimes. It’s more secure living elsewhere, if you know what I mean.

* * * * *

If you’re somewhat politically aware, you’re probably aware of the fact that Democrats would love to turn the District of Columbia into a state. Why? They would get more electors for the Electoral College as well as get more liberal congress members.

Our Founding Fathers made it a neutral district so that our Nation’s Capital could operate smoothly and unencumbered from state control. That’s a good and desirable thing.

D.C. is already controlled by a bunch of wacky leftists. D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser call for the removal or defacing of the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument and other D.C. landmarks. The city’s leaders also refused to offer protection to federal officers like Senator Rand Paul who was mobbed after he left Donald Trump’s GOP acceptance speech at the White House. Because of her hatred of the president Mayor Bowser refused to call out the D.C. National Guard in the face of riots that threatened the security of the White House. She even refused to pay for the hotel rooms for the National Guard members who were called to serve from South Carolina and Utah to defend the city.

This kind of get-back-at-Trump policy is not going to play well in the election.

* * * * *

Yes, Susan Rice, who was on Biden’s list of veep choices, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “has been an overtly religious secretary of state, which in itself is problematic because again he’s supposed to represent all of America, all of our religions.”

* * * * *

It used to be that elected officials acted with a sense of dignity and decorum. Not so if you’re talking about members of the Democrat Party. Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas, a black Democrat, was charged in connection with the June damage to a Confederate monument that left a man injured. Lucas has been charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument in excess of $1,000. Other black officials, including a school board trustee, were also charged.

She knows better.

The bad thing is that the wrongdoer is being defended by more Democrats. The charges have drawn condemnation from the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, along with other Democratic officials, including Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe.  Of course they would endorse destruction of property.

* * * * *

Want to hear a case of sheer lunacy that’s close to home. In Contra Costa County there is a district attorney (who happens to be black woman) who is requiring her prosecutors to consider looters’ “needs” when weighing criminal charges against them.

Investigators must now consider “was this theft offense substantially motivated by the state of emergency, or simply a theft offense which occurred contemporaneously to the declared state of emergency?” In making that determination, they must also consider five other factors, including “was the theft committed for financial gain or personal need?”

Simply a theft? Clearly DA Diane Becton believes it’s okay to steal if you need something. Never mind if somebody else has to pay for the theft and damage done to store owners.

Antioch Mayor Sean Wright is ticked, and should be. He said: “For the district attorney to put out that kind of plan is irresponsible and where do you exactly draw the line on need because these are people’s businesses that are being impacted and livelihoods that are being destroyed.”

Steve Aiello, president of the Antioch Police Officers Association, called her guidelines “reckless,” saying they hurt the “community, local business and business owners.”

This is a prime example of why ultra-liberal Democrats should never be elected to office.

* * * * *

Did you hear about the Michigan B&B owners – a white couple who are raising two Black children – were targeted by the left for flying a Confederate flag outside? The problem is that it wasn’t the Confederate flag; it was the flag of Norway which was posted outside of their B&B named The Nordic Pineapple in St. Johns.

This is what ignorance looks like.

I have a recommendation for protesters: Learn all you can about the world and get some real-life experiences under your belt before you go around protesting out of ignorance. It’s really unbecoming of Americans.

And schools, ever think about teaching common sense?

* * * * *

I don’t know if Hank Williams Jr. really posted this on social media or not, but it doesn’t matter. It’s just plain good:

“If you are offended by something then leave it alone. Cracker Barrel offends you, then eat somewhere else, but I like it so leave it alone. A statue offends you, then don’t go see it, but I like to see them as my history, so leave them alone. Don’t like meat, then eat vegetables but let me eat what I want to. Don’t like Gone with The Wind, then don’t watch it or read the book, but I like them, so leave them alone. I like worshiping God, but you are offended, so don’t go to church, but let me go. I read the Bible, but you are an atheist and want Bibles banned. So don’t read it, but don’t say I can’t. Leave it alone. You don’t like the names of military bases, but I do, so leave them alone and stay away from them. You don’t like the police force, then don’t call them when you are in trouble, but leave them alone so I feel safer having them.

“Why are the things you want so much more important than what I want? Are your demands greater than my likes? Is it because you use intimidation, blackmail and force to get your way- that you do? Let’s make a deal. I will leave what you like alone and you leave what I like alone and the world will be a better place for everyone.”

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