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Stanislaus County has the best in farmers markets
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When I lived in Colorado I thought I had seen some good Farmer's Markets. But then we moved to Stanislaus County.

My wife and I have a new routine. Every Saturday we go to a local market and overspend our budget. Last Saturday we were at the Downtown Modesto Farmer's Market and ended up buying fresh strawberries, green beans, apricots, Asian veggies, hummus, cheese, almonds and tomatoes, etc. There were vegetables there that I had never seen before. Just another great gem that I think people here might take for granted. Not only did we have fun checking out all the food but met several friends from the community who were doing the same thing. I've been told that when the stone fruit crops come on line, it gets even better. I can't wait. It's one thing to have so many fruits and vegetables. But at our Farmer's Markets we also get to experience veggies and foods from other cultures, like the Assyrian farmer who offers special Assyrian sauces, breads and hummus. We truly live in an amazing place.

I want to give a shout out to Josh Bridegroom and the Modesto Downtown Partnership. Last Tuesday they got a unanimous vote from City Council for a Downtown incentives program and beautification program along 10th Street. Way to go, Josh and team! We will have more on that next week.

Also, I would like to give kudos to the city of Patterson and the city of Turlock. They are working on some new investment deals that will produce some significant jobs. Let's keep our fingers crossed. We at the Alliance are working closely with all our partners to make economic development happen. Please follow our Jumpstart Stanislaus campaign closely. We will be announcing additional components to the campaign which will help us drive economic development in the county.