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Tax Day: Americas most dreaded day
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette

It's that most wonderful day of the year! Come on sing it! Hmmm, I don't hear any pages turning in the hymnals to this grand old song. Actually, it's not in any hymnals and if you are like most Americans you do not want to sing on April 18. Normally, it's April 15. However, this year Emancipation Day is celebrated on April 15. This is why the deadline has been pushed up.

If you are pleasured with sending the government more money, you can hardly wait for Monday to put it in the mail. You've heard about the new tax filing form the government is working on haven't you? There are only two lines to complete. Line number one is, "How much did you make?" Line number two says, "Send it."

I have to admit this is one part of the Ted Cruz platform that I like. It resonates with me when he gets to that part of his speech where he says, "We will abolish the IRS and enact a simple flat tax."

I work hard and try to make a living. I am grateful that I am not on disabled Social Security or food stamps. Understandably, some Americans are rightly on government assistance and I am happy we can do this for these hurting people. I'm glad I am healthy enough to work every day. The more I work the more I make and the harder I work the luckier I get. However, the more I work the more I get to send to the government. If I make extra I not only get to send more to the government, then the percentage of what I send becomes higher. Why do we penalize Americans for working harder? Why do we penalize citizens for trying to make a few extra dollars?

I'm for a flat tax. Give the government 10 percent and be done with it. After all, according to the Bible, God only wants 10 percent. Why should we have to pay the government more than God?

I understand we must take care of our military, roads and bridges, Social Security retirements, Medicare and of course there are the salaries of all the government workers, including IRS salaries. By the way, it takes billions to keep our government workers and IRS retirees' pensions and benefits going. This means the government is hungry, hungry, hungry for more and more and more of your money.

Wake up America! Demand that your congressional representatives simplify the tax code by burning it and starting over. Let's enact a flat tax rate. Most of us could live with a 15 percent rate. However, there must be a major change in what we are allowing our government to do to us every year by sticking it to us with more and more taxes.

Glenn Mollette is an syndicated columnist and author of 11 books and read in all 50 states. This column does not necessarily reflect the view of this paper.