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The Democrats’ climate change scam
Frank Aquila

In the 1970’s various articles, particularly Time Magazine’s June 24, 1974 issue, “Another Ice Age” and Newsweek’s April 28, 1975, “The Cooling World” led Americans to believe the earth was “cooling” and that we may die from frigid ice.  However, as the temperatures of the earth goes in cycles and began to warm, a new generation was led to believe in “global warming” through a documentary film by Al Gore called, “Inconvenient Truth.” Inconvenient Truth happened to be a convenient lie to advance the Democrat agenda and deceive the world with false data alleging the earth was warming due to manmade carbon dioxide (CO2).  Instead, Al Gore flew on his private jet lecturing Americans and made millions as all the predictions of the polar ice caps melting, Miami disappearing and other predictions were false and never happened.

While Democrats were trying to deceive Americans (and the world) that anyone who opposed them were “anti-environment” and against the “Saving the Earth” campaign, leaked emails on November 21, 2009 from the Hadley Climate Change Unit revealed data was intentionally falsified to support global warming when, in reality, the earth began to cool again. 

Since “Global Cooling” and “Global Warming” were giving the Democrats head fakes, a new neutral term of “Climate Change” had to be used to advance their socialist agenda, which was supported by news corporations like NBC, who gave favorable coverage to the Democrat agenda since NBC is owned by General Electric and would benefit from the advancement of alternative-energy contracts.

With Democrats now in control, the “Green New Deal” is their 3 trillion dollar dream to regulate Americans and redistribute American wealth to the world to remove capitalism and American greatness toward world equality.  Democrats have proposed another couple trillion in the name of infrastructure, which most has nothing to do with infrastructure.  Only 25 percent is designated toward infrastructure while the remaining 75 percent are more Democrat climate change handouts.  Biden rejoined the Paris-Climate Accord despite America cutting more CO2 during President Trump’s term than any country in the treaty according to Forbes due to increased natural gas and American independence.  While emissions were reduced in America, China and India were higher.  As a result of Biden joining the Paris-Climate Accord, the Washington Examiner reported by 2025 America will lose 2.7 million jobs as Biden has already axed thousands of jobs already with Executive Orders to push the Democrat Climate Change scam.

Gregory Wrightstone, executive director of the CO2 Coalition, which seeks to educate the public about the important contributions carbon dioxide makes to our lives and the economy, stated there is no evidence of “any atmospheric CO2 levels being reduced” and agrees the earth naturally goes through natural cooling and warming cycles.

Now I am all for clean air, clean water, picking up our trash, and taking care of the earth God has provided us; but this is not the goal of those who support Climate Change. Their goal is advancing the Democrat globalization agenda through worldwide socialism. They believe America is imperialistic and its wealth must be redistributed to other counties. This is why Democrats despise American greatness. At the same time, Democrats and their media lapdogs have set the narrative they are the ones who care about the environment. They believe Americans must give up their own energy resources and jobs and sacrifice their freedoms to save the planet. They believe a global tax and government regulations of what we drive or what we spend on energy is necessary even if Americans need to sacrifice warmth for food and medicine due to coming inflation. They have even floated extreme ideas to remove air travel and exterminate cattle.  Nothing is beyond their reach or their desired control.

While these government elites push a false narrative to have Americans conform to Climate Change, they continue to live their lives in luxury as the “do what I say; but not as I do” Democrats.  An example of this is Biden’s Climate czar, John Kerry, who took a private jet to pick up an environmental award, calling it the “only choice for someone like me” while promoting the Democrat Climate Change scam. 


Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots. He can be emailed at or followed on Magabook @FrankAquila