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Things were great under Trump! Can we have more?

You have to wonder if some of these so-called news outlets have lost any common sense or any sense of legitimate objectivity.

The liberal Huffington Post ran with a story that noted Yale history professor Timothy Snyder made a post on X (formerly named Twitter) saying if Trump wins, “America ends.” How utterly foolish can a so-called professor be?

Seems like I remember four years of the Trump presidency were great times. America was booming, sure the left had lost its collective mind, but we dominated the world scene. America didn’t end and it won’t end if he is re-elected.

It may take years of suffering and pain before voters realize that progressive policies are generally failed policies.

Just like the myriad of Hollywood elites said that America was over in 2016 when Trump won the presidency and they all promised to leave – but didn’t – America will be just fine. Don’t pay any heed to the panic coming from the types of Robert De Niro or Rachel Maddow because their hype is just nonsensical.

* * * * *

Gov. Newsom scrapped his last-minute election interference plot.

We’re talking about his soft-on-crime ballot measure that would have undermined efforts to undo Prop. 47, the failed ballot measure that made it open season for thieves at retail stores.

All of us know that Prop. 47 has proven disastrous for ending retail theft crime. Newsom and his cohorts still like it though. He fears that any any repeals of 47 will be a repudiation of his failed policy because he wholeheartedly endorsed it back in 2014. Such a scenario does not bode well for his presidential ambitions.

Apparently the quest of the progressives is to reform the prison system to keep fewer people out of jail when that’s exactly where they belong. Newsom and his party oppose the citizen-led ballot initiative, the Homelessness, Drug Addiction & Retail Theft Act, which is backed by district attorneys across the state.

But in his quest to lust for power on the national stage, Newsom left Sacramento and dropped the idea of a competing measure. According to the Modesto Bee “The governor’s decision is stunning, given all the work leaders put in to craft the last-minute initiative, as well as the time spent selling it to Democratic lawmakers.”

The Democrats are also hatching a plot to insert “poison pill” amendments from the legislature’s Safer California bill package, which would have nullified the Safer California bills had the upcoming initiative were to pass the voters.

Juan Alanis, Ceres’ representative in the California State Assembly, issued a statement about SB 1381, which passed last week in committee in a 5 Democrats against two Republicans nay vote and will be making its way to the Assembly floor for a vote.

“From day one, I have participated in a bipartisan effort to bring real solutions to California’s retail theft problem,” said Alanis. “That is why I joined and still continue to support good policies like the bipartisan retail theft legislative package.

“Originally designed to address property theft, SB 1381 was significantly altered with last-minute amendments that seek to place its substantive provisions directly on the ballot for the November 2024 election. This 11th-hour private backroom deal does not have my support. I believe this is an attempt to confuse the voters and will ultimately undercut the collaborative and bipartisan effort of the ‘Homelessness, Drug Addiction, and Theft Reduction Act,’ which is also supported by law enforcement, businesses, and crime victims.

“For these reasons, I voted against SB 1381 in committee today and will, unfortunately, vote against this bill when it comes to the floor. I am committed to supporting policies that reflect the people’s will and prioritize upholding voter-qualified measures over late counter-legislative actions. I want to be very clear: I believe SB 1381 undermines the bipartisan consensus achieved over this legislative year on the issue of retail theft. I cannot support legislative maneuvers that appear to be designed to manipulate outcomes and confuse voters.”

State Senator Roger Niello (R-Fair Oaks) said, “People are fed up with a government that constantly shields criminals. It is crucial that we address California’s public safety crisis by holding criminals accountable and making our communities safer.”

* * * * *

How do you feel about surveillance cameras everywhere?

I mean, how do you feel about cameras recording license plates as you drive in cities like Ceres, even if you are a law-abiding citizen?

On one hand it feels uncomfortable knowing technology is keeping tabs on us all the time, but if you’re obeying the law, what’s to be nervous about?

It definitely has proven valuable in apprehending the dangerous and criminal in our society.

Take for instance what happened during a road rage incident on the Oakland Bay Bridge on Monday morning, July 1. At 6:40 a.m., 42-year-old Adrian Martinez Emerson of San Pablo decided to take his gun and shoot at another male motorist’s car. He wasn’t shot but glass peppered his face and he got off the freeway in San Francisco. CHP took the description of the suspect’s vehicle, and allowed detectives to begin a review surveillance video from newly installed high-tech “Flock” cameras, which provide police with real-time information and alerts to identify and locate criminals’ vehicles. They got the license plate number and issued a “Be on the lookout” (BOLO) broadcast to Bay Area law enforcement agencies.

Hours later Contra Costa County Sheriff’s deputies located the car in Richmond and stopped Emerson who had a gun in his car. 

Emerson was booked on felony charges of attempted murder, assault with a firearm, and discharging a firearm from a vehicle.

In instances like this, technology works to our advantage. Police took a dangerous man off California’s roadways. If only I had such hope that he will receive a not-so-short sentence in a California prison before Newsom tries to shut down any more.

* * * * *

We don’t have a labor shortage in this country. We have a short of people willing to work for their keep on the planet. Particularly we have millions of young men under the age of 35 sitting in their parents’ homes playing video games all day.

What a pathetic situation.

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