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Trump guilty verdict threatens constitutional order
Rick Manning is the president of Americans for Limited Government.

The Trump guilty verdict is now in to no surprise, but after observing the convoluted jury instructions, the denial of the Trump defense team to demonstrate that the federal election crime that the Manhattan District Attorney depends upon didn’t exist, and the judge effectively shutting down the only witness Trump offered who directly contradicted Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s star witness demonstrates how brazen the left is in their ‘ends justify the means’ attack on the former president.

Civil libertarians and criminal defense attorneys across the nation should be up in arms over the disgraceful abuse of power by the George Soros funded DA and a judge whose family is personally profiteering off of the case.

Laura Loomer uncovered another example of this profiteering when she revealed that one of the Judge’s daughter’s top clients, the Brennan Center for Justice has been afforded a coveted seat in the courtroom so they can provide breathless play by play commentary to their funders. Loomer notes that the judge’s daughter brags that she has doubled the size of the far-left Brennan Center on her website pitching other potential clients to hire her.

But a corrupt local New York City judge who is using the Joe Biden family enrichment model is not the story.

The story is that the obvious injustice in this case and the silence of a vast majority of the left demonstrates clearly that a two-tier system of justice has now been accepted and normalized by the Democrats and their supporters.

America’s system of laws is dependent upon the consent and compliance of a vast majority of the people in the country.  When those people see that entering the country illegally puts you to the head of the line for public housing and other assistance, they rightfully question why they are following the law.

When minimum-wage workers see hordes of people overtake the small retailer they are employed by and steal as much as they can carry with no legal ramifications, they ask why am I working to pay my rent, when others can come in and steal more than I make in a week?

And when the average American see a series of court cases brought against a former president, whether they support him or not, that are effectively little more than orange man bad fairy dust depending upon judges and jurors who are little more than partisan hacks in deep blue areas, it is fair for them to question whether our justice system is irretrievably broken.

There is a battle going on amongst those who support President Trump with one side urging that legal retribution be sought and achieved against those who have so callously abused both the criminal justice and the nation’s intelligence gathering systems. The other urges a return to civility so as to not have our nation’s politics devolve into what has been the historic norm for nations around the world, where winning and losing is a matter of life and death.

In the past, one of the key distinctions to American-style government’s is that the loser of an election is not jailed or executed, but instead plays an important role in leading dissenting opinion and at times coalescing with the victor on issues where they come together.

The Obama-Biden wholesale attack on the expectation of a politically blind-folded justice system, combined with their willingness to use every federal intelligence gathering mechanism at their disposal to discredit and harm their political opponents has put the idea of returning to a civil norm in the cross-hairs. 

If the left was going to prosecute a former president, the charges should have been clear, concise and easily proven.  Instead, they chose a “trust me, Trump must have done something wrong, we just aren’t quite sure what it was” approach.

If what is good for the goose is good for the gander, the American public can expect the dirtiest, most corrupt election in history as the left cannot afford to lose, now that they have set a prosecution standard where the opposition party can be subjected to a trial without even the basic protections of needing the jury to agree unanimously on a specific crime being committed. 

The left knows that if subjected to the Trump prosecution standard, they will all be sitting in Leavenworth, and from what we have witnessed over the course of the Biden administration it is clear that they have no intention of returning to civil society norms should they win.

Should Trump win, from a jail cell or not, the question will be, is it possible to turn back the clock to 2008, or is it time to face the new reality and do unto the Democrats as they have done unto you?

In 2008, Barack Obama called for the “fundamental transformation of America.” Little did anyone expect that a mere 16 years later, we are witnessing the collapse of the belief in the rule of law.

As one common nursery rhyme has ingrained in many of us, once Humpty Dumpty falls, it is very, very hard to put him back together again. The same can be said of the social fabric of American society.

— Rick Manning is president of Americans for Limited Government.