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Trump proof what Americans can do
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette

Donald Trump is our next president of the United States. It's amazing what Americans can do.

America elected him to be our 45th president. The political establishment bashed him. Wall Street opposed him. Most of the prior Republican candidates opposed him. Mitt Romney opposed him. John Kasick, governor of Ohio, made a buffoon of himself by voting for John McCain of Arizona. McCain did not support Trump. Rob Portman, U.S. Senator from Ohio, did not support Trump. The Bush family was anti Trump. Barack Obama was obviously opposed to Trump. Paul Ryan would not even include Trump at a speaking engagement in Wisconsin.

We were told that women were opposed to Trump and many were. However, I read one account after another of women working like crazy to elect Trump. It seemed the entertainment world was opposed to Trump. Apparently many of them said they would move out of America if Trump was elected. LeBron James was opposed to Trump. I rooted for Cleveland to win the NBA championship. I'll root for them again but I kept wishing LeBron would just focus more on his jumping up and down for the Cleveland Indians. I thought he was a sensational cheerleader during the World Series. Beyoncé, Jay Z and Lady Gaga all sang and danced to elect Hillary and defeat Trump. I read were Latinos were opposed to Trump but that 29 percent of them voted for him. Were all African-Americans opposed to Trump? I saw numerous African Americans on television extolling Trump during the campaign.

Thus, we must ask the question, "Who in this country wanted Donald Trump for a president?" The answer is the American people. I should stop and say enough American people in enough states wanted Donald Trump. When California was announced with all 55 electoral votes going for Hillary Clinton she went up in the electoral vote by a large number for a few minutes. The electoral vote is wonderful if you are winning the electoral vote and not so great if you aren't.

The American people proved that our democracy works much to the chagrin of whoever is on the losing side. We rediscovered again what Americans can do. We have the power of voting. The democrats had more money to spend and more media on their side. Apparently every minority group was supporting Hillary as was reported by some media groups. Hillary's support was only missing one group and that was the majority of Americans who seemed to fit in Hillary's group know as America's "deplorables." These are the everyday working people who are tired of working hard without much or no advancement, paying more of their paycheck to support Americans sitting at home on welfare, subsidizing millions of people flooding into our country with their hands out while our own veterans are sleeping on America's streets or standing in line for healthcare. This is the group who are tired of breaking their necks to send their children to college, buy health insurance they can no longer afford while working harder and harder to stay afloat. All the while it seems that the government wants to make it harder and harder.

People found a way to get to the polls. Their vote certainly made history in electing Trump. We will now watch Trump and a Republican Congress for the next four years. I do believe most Americans are hoping and praying for good things to come. We want national security, prosperity, good healthcare and a working, safe infrastructure. We also want to maintain our American freedoms, like voting. Because if Trump and Congress lets us down we must do what Americans can do and that is to vote them out in four years.

This column is the opinion of Glenn Mollette and does not necessarily represent the opinion of Morris Newspaper Corp. of CA.