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Why are Democrats ‘dreading’ an economic recovery from COVID-19?
Rick Manning new
Rick Manning is president of the Americans for Limited Government

If there was ever any doubt why Americans should reject the tyrannical socialist party from ever holding power again, it is revealed in a Politico story chronicling how Democrats and those close to Obama are worried that America will recover too rapidly from the government induced depression.

The Politico story quoted a former Obama official saying “This is my big worry… It’s high — high, high, high, high” that the economy will begin a rapid recovery from the COVID-19 depression before the election in November.”

Incredibly, Team Obama are actually rooting against more than 30 million Americans finding a job and restarting their lives and being able to chase their dreams as the shutdowns end around the country. Team Obama actively is celebrating empty store fronts, corporate bankruptcies and the harm done to our nation’s tourism industry and all those who work at hotels, rental car agencies, airlines, taxis, and entertainment facilities. And Team Obama fears that America will get back to work, because it might help President Trump’s re-election bid.

It is beyond disgusting that the quest for power so overrides every consideration that the left would rather have tens of millions of Americans unemployed and dependent upon the largesse they hand out, than to see the economy rebound from this unprecedented Chinese-originated virus driven unemployment catastrophe.Words suitable for print are not available to convey how any right thinking American must feel when confronted by the reality that the dreams of 30 million people are seen as little more than a necessary price to pay in order to gain power and push their big government agenda.

Rick Manning is president of Americans for Limited Government.