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You can see the Left’s panic over the recall

Judging by the telltale signs in the news, the Left is about to lose it over this recall and appear scared that one of the country’s biggest liberals could be taken down.

When you see articles headlined, “Berkeley academics claim California recall ‘unconstitutional’ because of how Newsom could lose,” then you know they are panicked that California might get a conservative governor for a change.

So in the article I mentioned, professors Erwin Chemerinsky and Aaron S. Edlin argue that the state’s system for holding a recall election is “nonsensical and undemocratic” and should be declared unconstitutional because it “violates” the principle of one-person, one-vote, potentially denying Newsom supporters “equal protection.”

Apparently one can be in academia and lose all sense of reality.

The recall election is pretty simple and straightforward and works on majority rule: We’ll be asked shall Governor Newsom be recalled, yes or no? The most votes will determine the outcome. If more people say Newsom needs to be kicked out of his job then he’s gone. If the most people say no, he stays in office, end of story.

If the majority says recall the governor, then we need a new one and the second question comes into play: who shall replace him?

These two boneheaded professors feel that the two-part process is “unconstitutional” since Newsom could get more “no” to recall votes than the winner’s vote total (and that’s possible given that there are 46 qualified candidates on the ballot). Talk about faulty logic. Where were these two “intelligent” guys when we recalled Gray Davis the same exact way and replaced him with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

In a smack of desperation Newsom thinks he is being smart by telling his supporters to skip the next question.

For a party that has bent over backward to broaden the ease of voting with zero calls for voter ID, California Democratic Party Chairman Rusty Hicks tweeted that leaving the second question blank will save voters time, energy, self-respect and “from casting your vote for a candidate who isn’t worthy of your support — or the support of California voters.”

What arrogance. Hey, Hicks, let the voters decided and quit trying to discourage them from voting.

Remember it is the supreme Newsom arrogance that caused him to dissuade Democrats from getting on the ballot. Now it appears that with support growing for the recall – and it may succeed – and no legit Democrats on the ballot, the name on the governor’s door could read Larry Elder next month.

* * * * *

Newsom lost his cool with reporters the other day. Apparently he’s on edge about the recall and snapped. The governor told the Sacramento Bee: “It would be nice if our homegrown team would be focusing on what’s right. Everybody outside this state is b****ing about this state.

“Guys, forgive me, I know I am a little pointed today but I’ve been taking a lot from you folks for a lot of months. I should be able to express myself, too.”

You wanted the job so except the criticism and man up when you’re screwing up – and you’ve been screwing up since Day One. As Harry Truman once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Newsom has a problem in that while Democrats far outnumber Republicans, Democrats are not energized to turn out while the GOP is. A poll released by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies found a whopping 87 percent of GOP voters are chomping at the bit to vote him out, only 58 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of no party preference voters care to defend him.

Newsom also has apparently lost the support of Hispanics.

* * * * *

Another indication of the recall panic is how Nancy Pelosi is out there saying Newsom is “great governor» and that the recall election is not good for “children or other living things.”

She didn’t elaborate on why Newsom is essential for life in California but I will be overjoyed if this state finally picks a governor who thinks like Greg Abbott in Texas or Ron DeSantis in Florida.

Pelosi, who is now 81 and in her 34th year in Congress (read that as she needs to retire), typically makes embarrassingly and over-the-top partisan statements. She embarrassed herself in making ludicrous claims about President Trump and tearing up her copy of the State of the Union Address, making her one of the most unpopular political figures.

Since Nancy couldn’t explain why Newsom is so great, I’ll elaborate on why our smug governor has violated his oath to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. Newsom has:

• Ruled California with an iron fist in response to the pandemic, causing thousands of businesses to fail and ushering in billions of dollars in unnecessary spending because he shut down the California economy.

• Mandated restrictions on indoor dining and mask wearing protocols that he himself violated numerous times (as did Pelosi).

• Releasing felons from prison to make prisons “safe” from COVID only to have some commit murder on our streets.

• Enacting a policy for the early release of prisoners under California’s zero-bail order which was put into effect to reduce inmate populations as a way to fight the spread of COVID-19 inside jails. One such person released, Alexander Valenzuela was released early on July 27, 2020 and killed someone in Modesto in December. Sheriff Jeff Dirkse said “Valenzuela was not scheduled to be released until December 13, 2020. I don’t think it is a stretch to say that this murder would have been prevented if he would have served his full sentence and not been released early due to COVID-19.”

• Proposed a new water tax for all Californians to pay;

• Suspended the death penalty after saying he favored the death penalty as a candidate;

• Shielded illegal aliens from deportation by federal ICE agents;

• Fought efforts to build a border wall with then AG Xavier Becerra when most Americans understand why that border needs to be closed;

• Approved legislation to have taxpayers fund free healthcare for people who are illegally in the United States and California;

• Causes residents and businesses to flee to other states because of business unfriendly policies and taxes;

• Tried to remove Trump from the 2020 ballot, which was unconstitutional as all hell.

• Allowing the homeless problem to get out of control with failed policies.

There is an anger simmering beneath the surface because of his policies.

* * * * *

Wow, the BS is sure flying from liberal groups about the recall. A group pf 31 liberal groups (such as Equality California and the Black Women’s Democratic Club) came out with a statement last week that condemned the recall as “a right-wing attempt to roll back decades of community-driven progress.”

They think the recall is all about a bunch of backwoods KKK hood-wearing idiots trying to get at immigrants.

Let’s look at their statement and tear it apart:

“We call on all Californians who share the belief that no human is illegal …”

Get it right. Human beings aren’t illegal. But people who violate immigration law to sneak across the border are illegal immigrants, or illegals for shot.”

“… every person deserves clean air and water …”

Wait, we have clean air and water standards already, in fact our regulations are so tight they are killing business and driving up costs.

“…no one should go hungry…”

Californians don’t typically go hungry unless you are a bum who doesn’t work. We even feed school children twice a day at school.

“.. every worker should earn at least a living wage …”

Yes, if they have obtained work skills worth the pay but not when they have zero skills. And even if you make a decent wage in California, you won’t be able to pay the exorbitant rents caused by a housing shortage mostly caused by environmental restrictions. Overpaying burger flippers is only going to drive up product costs and eliminate jobs.

“ …and everyone should be able to access affordable and holistic healthcare…”

Obama already shoved the costs of healthcare of the unhealthy and uninsured onto the backs of the healthy and insured. What many Californians are ticked off about is how Newsom has rewarded illegal immigrants with free healthcare. Instead of being sent back to Mexico, he’s rewarding illegal immigrants with free healthcare on our tax money!

This group, which calls itself CourageCA, pronounces the recall effort as “an opportunity to capitalize on dissatisfaction with Governor Newsom and to push a more dangerous anti-immigrant and anti-justice agenda and narrative.”

That, folks, is what you call liberal propaganda. I don’t know any conservative who is anti-immigrant. We are opposed to unbridled immigration that seeks to usher in people who have no or low skills and seek to be here to cash in on social programs like subsidized housing, free groceries and free healthcare. Many conservatives believe in a merit based system, meaning if you want to come here to contribute and you won’t be a drain on services, then stand in line and wait your turn, don’t swim across the Rio Grande or climb the wall.

It’s a far accurate statement to say that CourageCA is pushing an unfair immigration policy which rewards border jumpers and places a burden on taxpayers and promotes a dangerous anti-police agenda.

CourageCA (why is it so courageous to retain a failed governor?) dishonestly suggests that recall supporters are “opportunistic about building momentum for the recall based on what Governor Newsom says and does regarding current events.” They say we are blaming him for being in a drought. No, we are blaming him and his party for FAILING to build any water storage projects (read that “dam”) in California since 1979, the year I graduate from high school and I just turned 60. California had 23.2 million residents in 1979 and now has a population of 39.7 million with no additional water storage! That is failed leadership and you cannot conserve your way out of failed leadership.

She says we blame Newsom for the wild fires. Well, yeah that’s true because he has neglected to maintain the forests with prescribed burns.

* * * * *

*The government goon squad says “Show us your papers!”

Sounds like something you remember the Nazis saying in those old war movies.

It’s here folks. Big Brother is growing in size and he is devouring everything on the plate, courtesy of a good helping of American apathy.

The biggest group of liberals in California, the California Teachers Association is out to get all of you folks who chose not to be injected with a vaccine that has yet to be approved by the Food & Drug Administration.

Some of us are not willing to be government guinea pigs and we are willing to bet that our own immune systems can work for us if and when we get COVID.

But the goon squad teachers union is hell-bent on making it hurt for the unvaccinated. I happen to think the teachers union owns Gavin Newsom and all his party cohorts in Sacramento. The CTA says “Jump!” and Newsom asks how high. After all, the CTA bankrolls the Democrats at re-election time.

Governors in states like Florida and Texas are not torturing their students and staff with this ridiculous mask mandate. But Newsom, oh Dictator Newsom, is now doubling-down on punishing the anti-vaxxers (read that conservatives who balk at government mandates) by proclaiming that all California educators must show proof of vaccination or be tested regularly for COVID-19.

On Wednesday CTA President E. Toby Boyd was overjoyed. He is the same guy who was overjoyed that millions was funneled into education while our kids were playing around at home while pretending to be educated via Zoom last year.

I have this sneaking suspicion that COVID will never go away as long as there are blue state governors – hopefully there is one less come September – who love to exert control over the sheeple.

* * * * *

There is a photo on Facebook of a nurse holding a sign that reads: “573 days face to face with COVID patients while unvaccinated. Never got COVID. I have an immune system. Don’t mandate my choices.”

I have no reason to question the validity of the photo. I can relate.

I turned 60 yesterday. What’s the deal with me? Why haven’t I got COVID? I mean, since the pandemic never stopped working. I’ve been dining inside numerous restaurants amid a mostly maskless room of people, dropped into a Circle K or 7-Eleven twice a day for a Diet Coke while grabbing the door handles and gas pump dispensers and pushing the soda dispenser button at a bizzilion stores without so much as heading for the hand sanitizer. I made three trips to Southern California,  have eaten at pizza parlors in Angels Camp, Placerville, Monterey and Modesto,  covered countless events in-person, been to the Monterey Zoo, toured the John Steinbeck House in Salinas, been to Yosemite twice touching door handles to bathrooms, scrambled the landscape at the Vasquez Rocks, visited Bodie, dined in Bridgeport, toured the Jack London State Historic Park, walked the Luther Burbank home property in Santa Rosa, ate at Tahoe restaurants, attended numerous church services since November (and shaken a lot of hands there), attended a gender reveal party where there were lots of people, attended my grandson’s birthday party in Denair in a packed community center, went camping with family in packed campgrounds where pit toilets must be used and walked past hundreds of people in grocery stores. Why haven’t I got COVID? Just lucky or a great immune system?

Or maybe herd immunity.

My stepmom got COVID and said it was like suffering through flu. My 81-year-old dad didn’t get sick even though she did.

But because I haven’t gotten jabbed or prove I did I can’t visit anyone in the hospital now? What kind of Nazi republic have we become?

I’m hearing those Nazi German voices again … “Papers please!”

This nonsense would all stop, of course, if we recall Newsom and replace him with a Larry Elder, who like governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, believes in the age-old concept of American freedom which Democrats have so eagerly trounced upon.

 I’m done with Newsom and I hope most Californians are smart enough to be as well.

* * * * *

You have to love the brilliant thoughts that flow from the mind of Victor Davis Hansen, a California boy who is professor emeritus at Fresno State and now perhaps the William Buckley of our generation. I wish I could write like him: “The problem is not just that most of America is exhausted from being smeared as racists, or hearing that a wonderful country — the most free, just, equitable, affluent and leisured in civilization’s history — must continually pay penance for its past and present. The public is more tired of projectionist hypocrisy. Those who scream the loudest are usually the most guilty of woke crimes.”

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