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Entire legislature needs to do the Wisconsin Waltz
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Here's an idea. Why don't the 120 men and women in the California Legislature do the "Wisconsin Waltz" and flee to Nevada en masse?

Many of them - including the governor - already know how to move across state lines doing double time to the siren song of thousands of campaign green backs from the powerful California correctional officer unions at gatherings in Hawaii and Las Vegas.

But instead of going on "fact finding" trips to leave the state they can simply fly the coop. We'd all be better off.

Gridlock isn't the problem in Sacramento. It is legislative action.

Many mistakenly believe that the mess that is happening with the state budget is the result of inaction. Depending upon your slant it's either the Republicans refusing to budge or Democrats steadfastly refusing to give an inch.

We're in this mess because of what each and every one of the Gang of 120 and their predecessors have voted on over the years - spending bills, more regulations, more taxes, the expansion of existing state bureaucracies and the creation of new ones, and local mandates with no funding.

And now because neither side will buckle to make a $28 billion fix in the span of a couple of days people are disgusted? Our elected leaders aren't exactly Mr. Goodwrench when it comes to keeping government humming and running efficiently. They're more like Mr. Haney of "Green Acres" fame who'd sell you a broken down jalopy making all sorts of promises he knew he couldn't keep and then fleece you in order to fix it.

But like Mr. Douglas, we keep going back to the very same people who rip us off legislative session after legislative session. It's best that the legislature flee to Nevada so nothing can get done in Sacramento. It'd probably do wonders for the California economy. Taxpayers should even pick up the hotel tab for them since if they are in Reno or Las Vegas that can't burn through tax dollars on matters such as crafting and debating resolutions - not laws - about how harmful bullying in schools can be - while California is ripped apart by the handiwork of generations of professional politicians.

What type of thoughtful budget decisions that will require major cuts and should come with a drastic overhaul of how Sacramento does business and what services they should and shouldn't provide do we expect from the Gang of 120?

The Republicans are gearing up for the "California Chainsaw Massacre" while the Democrats think they are kids living in Disneyland instead of the real world.

We are told by Gov. Brown is that all he wants to do is to have Californians be given the chance to say yes or no to extending current temporary taxes.

Doesn't anyone find this a tad disingenuous?

Brown - along with just about every elected official in Sacramento - routinely slams the initiative process for having created a state that is next to impossible to govern. How many times have you heard it said - or implied - that it was the voters of California that messed things up when they became emboldened after passing Proposition 13 in 1978 and started embracing the initiative process?

If the state is so messed up because of Californian voters why don't they do us all a favor and hole up in a Reno hotel or - better yet - not run for office?

They are the ones through the election process and drawing up of districts that have made it impossible for moderates to win in California. They also were the ones that for years refused to reform property taxes before voters took matters into their own hands.

That hopefully will change with the open primary. Unfortunately, it is a process that will take at least six years to rid Sacramento of toxins on both the left and right.

Meanwhile, there is one colossal mess in Sacramento.

You've got to ask yourself a real serious question: Do you really want the people who got us to his point by catering to every special interest group plus the general public's demand to have the same services - or more - while paying less in taxes to be the ones who come up with a solution?

To put it in perspective, if you are barely managing to hobble around on a broken foot do you want doctors to amputate both legs?