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Get out before Brown gets in
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Great, so Jerry Brown wants to be governor again. Governor Moonbeam the sequel? God save us all.

I heard the news on Monday that Brown was throwing his hat in the ring and is ahead of Meg Whitman in the polls and asked my wife if she wants to move. We might as well. If you think California's deplorable political state will improve, think again. Get out while you can.

Couple this wonderful prospect with our wonderful new Assembly Speaker in John Perez (our first openly gay state official). One of his first actions was to call for state budgets to be passed with a simple majority as opposed to the two-thirds majority that is required today. That's so Democrats can further minimize Republican opposition to tax-and-spend policies out of the water and ram massive tax increases and massive spending programs down our throats.

If you think California is bad off now, wait until Gov. Moonbeam II. Brown gave a good talk Tuesday sounding like a conservative and calling for increasing jobs. But his tax-and-spend and regulate firms out of business policies will further drive out jobs. He also talked about cutting spending. But as mayor of Oakland led an effort to raise local taxes by more than $75 million on parking, hotels rooms and utility bills. He also supported the raising of taxes on Oakland properties by more than $400 million.

Let's go back to his dark days in Sacramento as governor after Ronald Reagan left office. When Brown became governor in 1975, the state had a $4 billion budget surplus; when he left office California suffered with a $1 billion deficit. State spending grew by 119 percent, from his first budget of $11.5 billion in 1975 to $25.2 billion in 1982.

And, the state's unemployment rate nearly doubled to a record high of 11 percent in his final term as governor.

He also opposed the landmark Proposition 13 which sought to cut out of control property taxes in California. He called the Jarvis-Gann Initiative as "expensive, unworkable and crazy," and also predicted "immense and negative fallout should it pass."

As governor, Brown raised, proposed, or endorsed more than $7 billion in new taxes including signing into law a gas tax increase of more than $2.5 billion.

Ask yourself why Texas, governed by conservatives, is flourishing with an increase in jobs while California is in an economic morass.

It's about taxes and regulation, stupid. And Jerry Brown just doesn't get it.

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