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Letters to the Editor
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Hold off in rate hikes

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I have been paying city of Ceres utility rates for 25 years. Over this period of time I have seen the rates nearly double in spite of the lack of safe, potable water. I have had to spend thousands of dollars on drinking and cooking water for my family.

While infrastructure improvements have long been necessary, I am dismayed to learn that the City Council has decided to do so at this time of severe economic recession.

My rates will nearly double from $56.70 to $109.30 per month; that is if the garbage rates don't also increase and the growing number of empty, repossessed houses doesn't mean that those of us who remain have to pay even more!

I suggest that the City Council postpone such an expensive and ambitious project until:

1). We see what effect the president-elects' proposed plans on jobs and infrastructure improvements have in our area, and;

2). The economy has improved to such a degree that we can afford to pay any increases in utility rates.

M.J. Richards,


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