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Letters to the Editor
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Obama's campaign of fear and smear

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The Obama campaign is trying to divert the discussion of real issues in America by using "fear and smear" tactics against Governor Mitt Romney. The more desperate Obama becomes, the more insane the allegations get.

While the desperation of lies and deception were expected, Obama has hit new lows. Romney has been accused of abusing his dog while Obama actually admits eating dog meat.

Ann Romney was accused of never holding a "real job" disrespecting mothers across America, while Michelle Obama enjoys luxurious vacations at the taxpayers' expense.

Romney was accused of being a felon and not paying his taxes, while many of Obama's advisers hadn't paid their taxes.

Obama requested Romney be more transparent and release more of his taxes while most of Obama's records and personal information has remained sealed.

Obama's campaign asserted that Romney would poison the air and water while Obama's science czar, John Holdren, has actually suggested poisoning food and water as a means of population control in his book "Ecoscience."

The Obama campaign has suggested that Romney wants to destroy Medicare. Yet, it is Obama who raided $716 billion from Medicare. Obama's team of thugs then asserted that Romney was responsible for a woman dying of cancer even though he had no responsibility to such assertion.

Yet, it is Obama that has used executive privilege to block an investigation of documents into the murder of two border patrol agents who died from Obama's policy of "Fast and Furious" where guns were sold to Mexican drug cartels.

Vice President Joe Biden has claimed Romney and Republicans are racist and want to put black people in chains.

There never seems to be an end to the "fear and smear' of these diversionary tactics. Obama's last hope of "fear and smear" will be the October Surprise. Who knows what lie Obama will attempt next. Maybe a threat that Romney will start a nuclear war? Oh wait, the Democrats have already made that assertion with Ronald Reagan.

No doubt Obama will continue to use racial division and class warfare in an effort to divide Americans against each other to gather votes. He will continue his effort to divert America from the real issues with "fear and smear" tactics and any lie or deception against Romney.

Frank Aquila,


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