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Letters to the Editor
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Car thief stole from grandma but her spirit isn't broken

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I had my car stolen on Monday early morning on Dec. 10, and after the initial disbelief I called to report the theft to the Ceres Police. I want to thank the officer for her promptness and concern. She was totally professional but also friendly and warm. I immediately felt her kindness and compassion during this distraught situation. Later that same day I had to visit various institutions to report the theft. Again I received the same kindness and help from the Wells Fargo Banking employees and other professional business I had accounts with. I realize these people are paid to do a job, but they went beyond the duty of an employee. They also opened their hearts and shared their comfort and courtesy. I just wanted to let people know and remember these hard working young adults on Christmas, as they will be patrolling the streets while the rest of us are inside and cozy.

And to the car thief, I hope one day you will realize what grief you bring to people when you steal their car. It isn't just the loss of a vehicle but the days on end of replacing all the credit cards and papers. My car was paid for and I only had liability insurance on it, therefore I will have to replace my transportation from my own pocket!

I had packed my suitcases and put them in the trunk, as I was going to visit my son (who lives across the USA) before he leaves for Iraq in January. You also stole my deceased parents' photo, which can't be replaced. Not to mention the many important papers and school books I needed to finish re-educating myself, so I could return to work. I am displaced from nursing of 30 years after an injury to my knee. As you notice, Mr. Car Thief, I didn't mention the Christmas gifts you stole. They weren't as important as the other things. But perhaps you needed my car to go to work. Or my books so you could learn a trade. Perhaps you weren't loved as a child and needed my parents' photo to pretend you had a family. Well, sir, I still have the memories of my parents and I still share the love between my son and I, even across the ocean. He knows he is loved, even if I don't get to see him before he leaves. A duty he freely chose to do and proudly serves for himself and the rest of us to be free.

You stole from a grandmother. That should make you feel proud and please boast to all of your friends. Oh and tell them the rest of the story too. Share my gifts and things with your friends and family and sell what you can. Obviously you need my things more than I do. Maybe you feel entitled, as you perhaps were dealt an unfair hand in life. Let me tell you, I'll match my past and my family's past with yours and believe me, you'll go away with tears in your eyes. Just because it may look like a person has no problems in their life ... doesn't mean it's true. Let me give you an example, I saw my baby brother burned to death and was unable to save him. After an auto accident my daughter was paralyzed from the neck down and I was unable to save her from this painful experience. Another brother suffered through leukemia and finally died at age 11.

We worked in the fields from an early age until we finished school. Not an easy life, with a drunk grandpa. And don't think we escaped the harshness of random beatings for nothing. Or going to bed hungry and cold. I've been a professional for many years now and helped several nieces and nephews through college, along with my own children. They all have their own stories of hard times, and they all got their masters. But they didn't resort to stealing or harming other people for a quick thrill. I also know there is a higher power then any court in the land who will deal with you in his own time and in his own way. You may think you have gotten away with something, but I have to tell you, you haven't.

So you have a great day and Merry Christmas.

You tried to ruin mine but instead I realized what a great many people there are in the town and country out there, giving their all and trying their best to make it a better place for us to live.

I am also thankful my stolen vehicle didn't result in an accident like the one the day before in Modesto, which claimed the lives of three.

You only stole material things. It caused great hardships for me, but I will overcome the set back.

G. Bridges,