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Letters to the Editor
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Teacher answers Welsh

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Mike Welsh's letter in the Oct. 3 edition of your paper has caused me to respond. I think it's perfect proof as to why both CUTA and CSEA have endorsed Don McKim, Jim Kinard and Faye Layne for the CUSD Board. First he faults the committee for not interviewing the current board members. No interview is necessary; we witness their character and beliefs as they serve on the board. We have heard them show little regard for the employees of the district and observed their dismissal of any ideas or thoughts which don't reflect the belief of the superintendent. The only time they want to talk to us is during an election.

The main concern for me, personally however is Mike's comment about the union leadership taking the "low road" and that "thankfully we have great teachers in our classrooms who ignore such negative behavior." Is he really saying that only teachers who agree with the board are great teachers? Both employee unions are endorsing candidates he doesn't want elected, is he really saying that the almost 900 people they represent aren't great teachers or employees?

I'm proud to say that I stand with the great teachers and employees of CUSD in endorsing Don McKim, Jim Kinard, and Faye Lane, and I encourage the great citizens of Ceres to do the same.

Bruce Scott,



Congratulations due to editor's 20 years

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Congratulations, Jeff, for 20 years of service to the community in covering both local events and government. I would be right proud were I you of two decades of coverage.

I have enjoyed both the paper and your writing for nearly that long and I remember that more times than not I would look around the Ceres City Council chambers and see naught there but you!

I loved the paragraph about potential political candidates filling your ear with campaign promises - that later they'll have to somehow figure out how to accomplish if elected ... great!

I envy the six-foot-high stack of papers that documents your work.

Thank you for twin decades of community service. This family is in your debt.

Steve Breckenridge,



Supporting Measure H on Nov. 6

Editor, Ceres Courier,

On behalf of the Ceres Firefighters Professional Union and Ceres Police Officers Association, we are writing regarding the future of the public safety for the Ceres community. In an effort to increase the number of public safety personnel in our community, Measure H has been placed on the Nov. 6 ballot. Measure H is a half-cent sales tax measure that will allow the hiring of additional police officers and firefighters.

As in surrounding communities, our general fund is not able to support significant increases in our public safety personnel. It is the hope with the successful passage of Measure H that within the next five years we will be able to put 13 new firefighters and 11 new police officers on the streets of Ceres (to include a Street Crimes Team which will focus on alleviating drug and gang problems we face in Ceres). In addition, an oversight committee will be installed to review the expenditures from this tax to ensure the integrity of Measure H is maintained.

Both the Ceres POA and Ceres Firefighters Union have taken strong stances to help see this measure pass. The rank and file personnel have continued to honor their commitment to the Ceres community and are standing behind this measure actively working and campaigning for its success.

In addition, the families of our public safety officers and firefighters are also taken a commanding role to support their loved ones and to help aid in our community's safety.

We ask the community and voters to give us their support and vote yes for Measure H.

Rich Scola,


Ceres Profesional Firefighters Union, Local 3626

Danny Vierra,


Ceres Police Officers Associtaion