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Letters to the Editor published April 28, 2010
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Society enslaved to TV

Editor, Ceres Courier,

One of my all-time favorite movies was "Ben Hur" which I still watch whenever it comes on one of the old movie channels. The favorite part is when poor old Ben gets the shaft by one of his best friends and ends up in a not-so-nice "cruise" ship that requires him to be one of the paddlers til death or a miracle happens.

The story - true or not - reminds me of when I was actively engaged in a profession that required my presence in many single family homes and a visit with the homeowners, usually a couple who were selling or getting a loan.

On most occasions when I had to inspect the home, the one thing that was almost always on - and usually the center of attraction - was the TV, which while usually in the family room could also be found in almost every other part of the house including the garage.

Over the 40 years of practicing my profession the size of the TV - or as will be referred to as the one-eyed slave ship - went from the small 12 inches to today's theater size monster.

As I did my job the modern-day "paddlers" were visually attached to the slave ship with little concentration as what was going on around them. They were accompanied by little "paddlers" who also appeared to be in a self-induced trance.

The one-eyed slave ship requires no response to its voice (speakers). Just sit and listen, kind of like when a good door-to-door salesman gives his pitch selling you that product that you just can't live without or if you just buy now he will throw in that extra goodie just because you are a good guy or a senior citizen.

There is a place and a need in today's society of aging citizens and those who are confined to places who are lonely and void of human companionship. Which reminds me I got to volunteer to help someone or some cause, as soon as I turn off one of the five radios that are on in various parts of the house. Just can't seem to see anything on them.

Eldon Brewster Jr.,


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Adam Christianson is the choice for sheriff

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I have known Adam Christianson for more than 25 years. During that time I have seen him mature into the articulate, dedicated professional he is today. In his first term as the sheriff of Stanislaus County I have seen him weather challenges seldom faced by an elected public servant. At the helm of the department he has endured the slings and arrows of the media, derision from long time employees now held accountable and political opponents trying to unseat him through innuendo and personal attacks. Through all of this Adam has held fast to his clear vision for the agency and has been recognized throughout our state as a leader in the public safety arena. His appreciation of the men and women who work with him is the hallmark of any public statement I have heard him utter. Facing herculean financial challenges in this less than favorable economy have caused him considerable dismay. Knowing these fiscal matters will directly impact people's lives is at a minimum disheartening.

Now is not the time to change the helmsman, but to support his continuing efforts of proactive public safety leadership. Please join me in voting to retain Sheriff Christianson.

Deana Farr,


* * * * * * *

Appreciated editor's view on Palin

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Your column "Making political fodder of Palin's Turlock contract" was exceptional.

It's good when the media does not shuffle in to line behind the liberal "correct way of viewing life" and stands up to speak.

Your article points out plenty of wrong-doings by a younger generation of voters that did not fully understand the garbage they were actually digging in and how undignified their actions were to their future. Many people will remember these young ladies and these actions might follow them for years.

All readers should remember the office (Director Susana Gajic-Bruyea) where these young women were conveniently able to take possession of shredded/unshredded documents. It would also be good for readers to remember Senator Leland Yee's actions and comments.

As a long time resident of Turlock, I welcome the attention the University has been given by signing a speaker such as Sarah Palin. I have read her book and advise any reader (liberal or conservative) to do the same, as it is very informative. She is a strong figure in the United States at this time ... and a danger to the liberals who have blinded many voters in the past two years with their promises of "change" and "transparency." Sarah's speech will only help to open the eyes of those blinded.

The young ladies who are still cleaning themselves off from an embarrassing dumpster dive might do well to open their ears, close their mouths, and possibly learn something. Perhaps, they should attend the speech and hear some things about their liberal government that they have apparently missed. Like, the "change" has not been for the better and the "transparency" is thicker than a WWII bomb shelter.

D Mathey,


* * * * * * *

Lee Lundrigan a great county clerk

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Although each of us represents different political parties, and we almost never support the same candidates, there is an exception.

We wish to unite in expressing our support for Lee Lundrigan, who is seeking re-election to the Office of Stanislaus County Clerk Recorder.

During the eight years that Ms. Lundrigan has held that office, she has made substantive improvements in both the Elections Office and the Clerk Recorder's Office. Each of us is an election observer, consisitently witnessing Lee Lundrigan and the Stanislaus County election process in person. Our Elections Office is now one of the most respected in the state, usually being the first or second among the 58 counties in reporting election results to the Secretary of State.

Lee Lundrigan is respected by both political parties for her fairness, integrity and competence, and for the sterling accuracy of the vote count.

We join together to urge the re-election of Lee Lundrigan to the office of County Clerk Recorder and Registrar of Voters.

Jim DeMartini,


Republican Party of Stanislaus County

Mike Burtch,


Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee

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