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Letters to the Editor published Feb. 17, 2010
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No way to Pombo!

Editor, Ceres Courier,

As a concerned citizen I am alarmed that someone like Richard Pombo, with a record of accepting contributions from big oil and gas industries, his anti-enviromental postitions, is trying to get back into Congress. It is time to clean house and get honest congressmen to represent us and address the urgent environmental issues that face us today.

Please let's not put someone like him back into Congress!

Jan Compton,


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A correction on last week's letter

Last week the Courier published a letter "MID, TID setting stage for repeat of flooding disaster" written by Jim Dorroh.

According to TID, the letter was rife with inaccuracies.

The first was the mention of TID current General Manager, Larry Weis mishandling the situation. Weis was not the TID general manager during the 1997 floods. The manager at that time was Paul Elias.

Dorroh stated that the Army Corps of Engineers took over during the floods and is close to "take control again about the time warm weather gets here and the snow melt starts." The USACE never "takes over" Don Pedro. Although TID works hand-in-hand with the Corps and takes guidance from the agency, TID ultimately makes the decisions regarding Don Pedro.

Lastly, he referred to "Don Pedro water level is at almost 88 percent (20,000 acre feet less than in December 1996)." Actually the reservoir is at 170,000 acre feet less than in December 1996.

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