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Letters to the Editor published July 1, 2009
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Modestan wanted Chavez name

Editor, Ceres Courier,

We did not elect the members of the Ceres Unified School District (CUSD) board to represent the views of those in the Modesto High School/Modesto Elementary District over our own. Under the leadership of board president Teresa Guerrero, they did exactly that when they chose to adopt a nomination from Larraine Nilson to name our new junior high school after Cesar Chavez.

As the form of Nilson was incomplete (lacking the address and city), one has to question Teresa Guerrero's motivation in recommending a nomination from a person that was unverifiable. She pushed to adopt it over all the many correctly completed nomination forms from residents of our own community that nominated local community leaders. All of this is an infringement upon CUSD policy intent, and thumb in the eye of voters.

Did Guerrero know that the incomplete nomination was from outside of our district? If so, did she think Lorraine Nilson's residence couldn't be traced?

The board president has stated that the entire board favored "without hesitation" the naming of Cesar Chavez Junior High. At the last meeting, Trustee Eric Ingwerson asked District attorney Roman Munoz if the board could legally reconsider the naming of the school at a future meeting. Munoz responded affirmatively. I would definitely call this "hesitation." Another Teresa Guerrero myth busted.

She is highly mistaken if she thinks that every Mexican-American on the planet agrees with her on every issue.

Irv Gilgert,


* * * * * * * *

HTC touched by flood of support

Editor, Ceres Courier,

On behalf of Howard Training Center, I would like to thank the members of our community that have shown support as we continue to provide programs and services for adults with developmental disabilities in these challenging times.

Most noted is the 2009 Leadership Academy for their tremendous effort and hard work to raise money on behalf of HTC. These high school students sold calendars, volunteered, and organized a successful talent show fundraiser. Their efforts raised over $3,200 to support HTC programs.

Our organization was touched by the outpouring of support, phone calls, and letters from family and community members when we closed the Skills Program on April 30. It was a difficult decision to close this program and tell 36 participants and families they would need to find another program. Thankfully all but one participant are attending new programs.

I am proud to announce that HTC's remaining programs; Production Unlimited, ARC Catering, Community Employment, Personal Achievement, Golden Opportunities, Community Integration, and Home At Last are thriving.

Efforts by individuals in our community, donor contributions and volunteer time and effort are an affirmation of the work we do. Thank you all for your hard work and contributions.

Claudia Miller,

Executive Director

Howard Training Center,


* * * * * * * *

Article on skatepark was negative

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Your article on the Ceres skate park is very negative. I am a parent of three boys who go to the skate park as often as we can get them in there, usually four times in a week. Although we are the ones on the bicycles (I know they really aren't suppose to be there) but where else are they suppose to ride? I frankly don't agree with your description of how these kids are while they are all at the park rather it be skating or biking. When I am there with my boys they are sharing bikes and skateboards all having a good time. Sure you have the occasional issue but nothing like your paper has stated.

I really wish the paper would have done a more positive article on the skate park; it is no wonder why the community looks at these kids as trouble. You write things in a negative way and that is the way it will thought of by the community - as a bad place. All these kids just want to try and become better at what they do and just be kids. Maybe if they would be given respect they would display more of it themselves. All the time we have spent there I have never been disrespected by any of the kids there, but maybe that's because I give them respect and notice when they have finally pulled off a trick they have been trying endlessly to get, whether it's my kids, other kids, bikers or skaters.

In the end, they are our future generation. Give them praise for their dedication to staying out of trouble and their ability to become friends even though there are differences initially.

I just wish that next time an article is done regarding the park more time is spent to present a positive outlook instead of all the negative.

Brenda Singleton,


* * * * * * * *

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