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Letters to the Editor published July 20, 2011
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Walmart offers empty marketing pitches

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Isn't it ironic we are expected to accept empty marketing pitches and sales talk from Wal-Mart when we are trying to deal with the real problem of Wal-Mart leaving Ceres an "empty" building that they want to abandon for a Supercenter? At any given time Wal-Mart has 200 stores on the market. There's an empty Sacramento store for sale that is slightly larger than the store they want to abandon in Ceres. And even though Wal-Mart says they don't own any stores in California, the Sacramento store is still listed with Wal-Mart Realty.

Since Wal-Mart has been given an additional six weeks to write their sales strategy plan, I would like the city to require more information from Wal-Mart. Other than Home Depot, Lowe's, Winco, Costco, or Target, which single retailer could actually occupy that large space in that location? And of those choices, which retailer would be a feasible match, given that some retailers prefer to occupy spaces in a mall, near a freeway, or in a power center, for instance?

I am not certain Wal-Mart is making a good-faith effort that will allow suitable tenants. On a regular basis Wal-Mart freezes out competition by abandoning a store, moving to a new location, then leaving the dead store empty. Then, Wal-Mart puts restrictions on who they will sell, rent or lease the empty store to.

The reality is, it took years to find tenants for the old Zody's building, and the tenants targeted the lower socio-economic range of consumers. Wal-Mart's suggestions for who could occupy their "empty" store, at a minimum are disingenuous. Who does the city rely on for managing the growth of our retail climate? I hope the city does not rely on Wal-Mart's word when it comes time to make the final decision on the Supercenter.

Rick Rushton,


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