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Letters to the Editor published June 27, 2012
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Library's Measure T won overwhelming support of Stanislaus County voters

Editor, Ceres Courier,

On June 5, Stanislaus County voters reaffirmed their support of Stanislaus County Libraries. Nearly 82 percent of voters said yes to libraries, renewing until 2018 the tiny 1/8 of a penny sales tax that supports our libraries!

We would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to ensure the passage of Measure T. All 13 Friends of the Library groups and the Stanislaus Library Foundation gave countless hours advocating for libraries and raising funds. Hundreds of individuals and organizations contributed funds, publicly endorsed Measure T, volunteered to walk precincts, phone voters and distribute signs. The Measure T campaign was truly a team effort and we are very grateful for every dedicated volunteer and supporter. Thank you!

Bev Finley,

Scott Monday,


Save Stanislaus Libraries

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