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Letters to the Editor published June 30, 2010
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Walmart Supercenter will be better

Editor, Ceres Courier,

For over the past 15 years, your local Walmart associates have proudly served the Ceres community by providing quality service and products - and the added benefit of unbeatable prices.

You may have already heard the exciting news that Walmart has plans to relocate its existing store, and build a new Walmart shopping center on the corners of Mitchell and Service roads, near Highway 99.

The new store will be designed with fine contemporary architecture and interior designs that improve your shopping experience, and our customers will be provided the everyday household items they've come to expect from Walmart, with the added convenience of a full-service grocery department, including a deli, locally grown and fresh fruits and vegetables and much more.

The new store will also be part of a larger pedestrian friendly shopping center that could include some of your favorite stores and restaurants - creating even more jobs and greater shopping opportunities.

In addition to providing greater selection, your new Walmart store will create jobs during these tough economic times. Our local workforce of over 300 associates will grow by an additional 85 quality jobs that include affordable health coverage, 401k/profit-sharing and other incentives. In addition, when declining revenues are forcing cities to consider cutting government services and raising taxes, communities can count on Walmart to be a major source of revenue for local police and fire departments, parks and other neighborhood services.

With these exciting changes, we have earned the support of more than 8,500 Ceres area residents who want new jobs, more savings and the added convenience of a new Walmart shopping center! We hope you feel the same way, too!

On behalf of your Ceres Walmart associates who work and live in the Ceres community, we thank you for shopping at Walmart and we look forward to serving you for years to come.

Mary Lopez,


Ceres Walmart

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Get Supercenter away from Don Pedro

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Walmart has been running large ads stating they are coming to Mitchell and Service roads. I believe this ad is misleading. The new Walmart Supercenter is actually being built on Don Pedro Road with the store front facing south toward Service Road. Since the back of the store is actually facing Don Pedro, they will be using Don Pedro as their main freight delivery route and this is very close to our home.

My husband suffers with breath problems and we are worried after reading on page 4.2-18 of the EIR that even with mitigation measure MM 4.13.6, emissions would still exceed district thresholds. With two wide freight entrances on Don Pedro Road - they have to be wide enough to accommodate the semi trucks - diesel fuel emissions will permeate the air and could cause further problems for my husband and anyone else with breathing problems. The air quality will be terrible.

There should be no entrance off of Don Pedro. We need a solid wall built to help reduce noise, traffic and air pollution. Walmart should be built away from all residential areas and closer to the freeway.

Carol Dutra,


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Daughter unjustly suspended by school

Editor, Ceres Courier,

We wish to inform the community about the way in which our daughter was recently suspended from school by the Ceres Unified School District.

She was accused of placing an ad in the school newspaper that was supposedly an embarrassment to another student. She did not commit the offense and said so to school authorities. However, other students claimed she admitted it; their word against hers. Proof should have been with the school by showing who paid for the ad, interviewing the person who received the money for the ad, producing a receipt, asking the editor of the newspaper why the ad was not properly screened and explaining why there was no supervision of the publication. There was no accounting for where the money for the newspaper ads goes. None of these safeguards were followed in our daughter's case. She was suspended from school without proof. All of this occurred while we were out of the country and could not participate in the process. This was a very irresponsible way for school authorities to act.

This experience was emotionally damaging to our daughter and her academic record. But most of all it destroyed our faith in the school system's practices and policies when it comes to student discipline.

Pedro & Candida Marquez,


* * * * * * *


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