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Letters to the Editor published March 7, 2012
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Gray in Leland Lee's bed

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I noticed a few oddities while looking at the website of State Assembly candidate Adam Gray.

It was Mr. Gray's list of endorsers that intrigued me the most. The list includes numerous legislators, mostly from the Bay Area and Southern California. The most interesting of these is State Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco. This is the same Leland Yee who launched a nasty campaign of political harassment last year against California State University Stanislaus, when Sarah Palin appeared there as a speaker.

As a student at UC Merced, I am very concerned about attacks from any politician on academic freedom. As a local Assembly candidate, Adam Gray should also be concerned about such abuses. I am surprised that Gray would align himself with people such as Leland Yee.

Maurice Lewis

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Media protecting Obama corruption

Editor, Ceres Courier,

When Barack Obama took office, he promised America an era of "hope and change."

The stunning level of corruption stemming from the half-billion dollar Solyndra scandal and other scandals proves this was a lie.

Amazingly, the liberal media won't hold Obama fully accountable for the sewage of corruption and cronyism flowing straight out of the White House.

From the "slush fund" stimulus packages and sweetheart deals with companies like General Electric, to paying kickbacks to unions and Obama lying about raking in campaign cash from fat cat lobbyists, the liberal media refuses to do its job and be the ultimate check on government power.

Our nation urgently needs a fair and independent press for our democracy to thrive. It is outrageous - and downright dangerous - that the nation's press will not tell Americans the truth about the Obama Administration's unethical and even criminal conduct.

I urge my fellow readers of the Ceres Courier to visit the Media Research Center's website at to learn for yourself the facts about cronyism and corruption tied to the Obama White House.

John Strickland,


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