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Letters to the Editor published May 11, 2011
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Few people seem to care about their neighbors

Editor, Ceres Courier,

It has come to my attention that no one cares about their fellow neighbors or neighborhoods. A few examples would be barking dogs and you know who you are but just don't care that it bothers your fellow man. Luckily for you Animal Control is just too busy to take care of those kind of complaints and leaves it up to the neighbors to take care of themselves.

What else? People who feel it necessary to blast everyone with that loud obnoxious booming all hours of the day. I guess you don't care that there are noise ordinances day or night. Once again, because Ceres Police Department is too busy to take care of these complaints, you see fit to continue the racket. Well one can only hope that in the near future you will damage your ear drums at a young age and that will be justice served.

Oh let's see, what else? Throwing garbage of all kinds in the streets. Let's not forget the graffiti and the grocery carts everywhere.

I could go on and on. You know, there was a time when Ceres was a wonderful and clean place to live; now it has turned into a city that no one wants to come to or visit. It would be so nice to have our beautiful city back again but I guess that is only a dream. Well, I can still dream, can't you?

Thanks for listening. Good luck citizens.

Deborah Morton,


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A nice day in Ceres

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I would like to share an experience I had while visiting Ceres. It started out as quite a challenging day. As my car was not working properly, my first stop of the day was Big O Tires. I was waiting my turn when I heard Gil, an employee, speaking with a woman about the best way to save money in fixing her car. He was clearly and genuinely looking out for her, not just trying to make a sale. When it was my turn to be helped, Junior assisted me, explaining what was best for my personal situation. He was extremely patient and kind the entire time. I was so impressed and so appreciative that he did such a thorough job of troubleshooting the problem. I have not witnessed that degree of customer service in years.

Next at Home Depot, I was hoping to find someone who could help me identify a specific bug. All the employees were very helpful, but it wasn't until Roy, the lot attendant, overheard from across the isle and came over to offer his help that I got the answers. He went above and beyond in helping me - he walked me through the store telling me the best products to use and was so knowledgeable about a variety of products! He had identified the bug in my photo immediately, still to be certain he consulted another employee who would know he was correct. He made me feel like I wasn't just an annoyance with this problem to solve but rather that solving my problem was the most important thing that needed to be done at the time. I was, and still am, extremely thankful for all of his help!

Finally, I decided to go to KFC. The girls at the counter were so unusually polite and professional. I was pleasantly shocked to find yet another group of employees with such an exceptional and impressive work ethic! They answered every question I had regarding nutritional information. I was so grateful to Jessica Garcia and Sissey Lankford. I was so impressed they were professional, happy and helpful.

My afternoon in Ceres turned my day around. The people who helped me that day really made a difference. They made me believe in a better world. This is what I want to share with the town of Ceres: Your actions towards others really make a difference. These kind people who helped me that day made my day!

Shirley Tyree,


* * * * * * * *


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