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Letters to the Editor published May 4, 2011
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Walmart doesn't care about impacting Ceres

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I applaud the Citizens for Ceres group for taking a stand against Ceres Planning Commission decision on Walmart. I read a new hearing for the Supercenter shopping center approval will take place at 5:30 p.m. on May 23.

Now the Ceres City Council has to chose whether it is going to be loyal to its locally owned small to mid-sized businesses, grocery stores, or to the behmoth Walmart, a corporation with no vested interest in whether Ceres businesses or community continues to thrive.

Three members of the commission thought it was okay that Walmart abandons its existing store, without requiring Walmart to sell or lease its existing store to competitors like Winco or Target. Really?

Regardless of the impact on Ceres, apparently Walmart does not want any competition from companies that fit their big box category. Don't forget, the only thing that makes a Walmart Supercenter a supercenter is the grocery department.

Hopefully Citizens for Ceres will go the distance, shake up the Supercenter discussion to the level where it needs to be. Otherwise, without an apology Walmart will abandon its existing store, suck the life out of Ceres, and feed off people who deserve much more.

Francisco Rodriguez,


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Proposal is for blight

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am originally from L.A., and I came to Ceres with my husband to raise a family and be a part of this fine community where you know your neighbors and can feel safe. I live near the existing Walmart, and as a homeowner in Ceres, I think that Walmart's attacks on anyone is sad and desperate. Many Citizens for Ceres members are Walmart customers, so when Walmart attacks any member they are also attacking their current customers -- who Walmart says they want to serve.

I think Walmart should work on being a good Ceres neighbor, instead of just saying they are a good neighbor. If Walmart abandons the existing Ceres Walmart store, and since they refuse to rent or lease it to competitiors, Walmart will be creating blight in my area of Ceres. How is that being a good neighbor?

The way the proposed project is currently written - if all the pro-Supercenter people haven't taken the time to read the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), you better set aside the time. The EIR isn't complete. If you don't wake up, you will be supporting a proposal that isn't worth the paper the studies were written on.

Rosalinda Puentes,


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Traffic congestion will result

Editor, Ceres Courier,

To set the record straight, attorney Brett Jolley was not involved in paying the fees for the appeal of the Planning Commission's decision to approve the Walmart Supercenter. The people who paid for the appeal happen to be citizens of Ceres who live in the immediate area of the project.

I personally fee that had the Planning Commission voted at the end of the Feb. 22 meeting, they would have denied the project. I don't understand how they can approve the project when Caltrans cannot afford to improve the entrance/exit at Mitchell Road and Highway 99, another exit from 99 to Service Road, and the widening of El Camino Road. This needs to be done before the project is completed. If it isn't done, the traffic on Mitchell Road will back up past the Catholic Church. I was told that it took close to 50 years to widen the Whitmore overpass. How long is it going to take for Caltrans to finish these projects?

The church has large activities, fundraisers and services throughout the year. During these events, traffic backs up on Mitchell in front of the church while entering and exiting the parking lot. There are times when police officers have to help control and direct traffic.

Unlike the shoppers who come and go, the citizens of Ceres who live in the area surrounding the project are the ones who will be directly affected by the traffic, noise, air pollution and the loitering of people 24 hours a day.

I retired as a military soldier. I served in Vietnam, and retired as a union backed peace officer. I was a flight engineer with the Army National Guard in Stockton for 19 years. I flew helicopters and helped put out forest fires, evacuated people during floods and earthquakes, and served the citizens. I don't like what has been written about union workers. They are hard working people and provide a service to the citizens.

And finally, for the record, I am a Walmart shopper.

Tony Cardenas,


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