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Letters to the Editor published Nov. 11, 2008
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Caller misinformed about CHS floats

Editor, Ceres Courier,

After reading "Sound Off!" (Nov. 4 edition) regarding the floats at Ceres High's Homecoming this year I felt compelled to respond the caller's remarks. First, I appreciate the concept of "Sound Off!" but I am often dismayed by those people who are willing to cast stones at others without accurate information or knowledge of the situation as a whole. Second, I graduated from Ceres High and currently have a child attending CHS. I was also involved with the floats this year from helping build a float to having volunteered to pull the float as well. I also have first hand information regarding the actual canceling of the halftime float parade around the track. I believe this gives me the ability to give the correct information regarding the issue.

I would like to give some background regarding the track issue. I have been around CHS athletics and activities for over 20 years. I can tell you firsthand whenever there is a major rain the east end of the CHS track will flood and flood badly. This was the case this year. As we all know just prior to homecoming day we had a major storm that dumped water throughout the Valley. With this rain came the flooding of the east end of the track. When this occurred the school had to decide what they were going to do if it continued to rain or if the rain stopped and the track remained flooded.

The caller inferred that the activities director's opinion was the only one that was expressed in the canceling of the float parade. This is incorrect. The decision was made after a meeting between the CHS administrative team: principal, vice principal, three learning directors, athletic director and the activities director. The decision to not have a float parade was made by the administrative team not by the activities director. There were several reasons for their decision. The main reason was safety. The team felt the safety of the parent volunteers' vehicles, which would have been pulling the floats, along with the students that would have been riding on the floats and in the back of the trucks that the floats not be pulled around the track. Ultimately, damage to the track was not the concern; the safety of those participating was the concern.

The caller also makes a comment about the ambulance being on the track as it normally is and it not causing any damage. This is true because the ambulance enters, exits and parks on the west end of the track, which is less affected by the rain. Bottom line is even though the track was in a little better shape on homecoming night the administrative team still felt the safety issues outweighed the need for a float parade around the track.

I also did some research into the callers' statements regarding activities directors in Modesto schools. What I learned is in Modesto they have leadership teachers and an administrative assistant (who is not generally certificated) that try to run their activities. I also learned that the majority of Modesto schools also don't pull floats around their tracks. It should also be noted that CHS has a number of great students in the leadership classes that work very hard to get school spirit up on campus as well as put together and coordinate numerous other events on campus. These students work extra hours away from school as well as at school while still dealing with all their school work, competing on sports teams or working part-time jobs. The students and the so-called overpaid unneeded activities director deserve kudos from the community and not anonymous tongue-lashings from disgruntled parents.

Randy Moore


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City thanks volunteers helping on Halloween

Editor, Ceres Courier,

A special thank you to the Ceres Soroptimists for their tremendous help in bagging over 600 bags of candy for the Halloween Festival.

These wonderful women come through for us each year and we so appreciate their dedication!

On behalf of the Recreation Division I would like to sincerely thank the following for their time and dedication with the 2009 Halloween Festival. Without their support this event would not have been the great success that it turned out to be: Ceres Council Members Ken Lane and Guillermo Ochoa, Ceres VIPS & Explorers, the city of Ceres Facilities Division, Ceres Street Division, Ceres Fire Division, Ceres Redevelopment Agency, Ceres Partnership for Healthy Children,Ceres Boy Scout Troop, Ceres Senior Citizens Club, CHS Criminal Justice Club, Kristen Carter Photography, Ceres High School 'S' Club, Central Valley High School's Interact Club and FFA chapters, Blaker Kinser Dancers, Ceres Youth Commission, Ceres Ladies Auxiliary Club, Friends of Turlock Animals and Ceres recreation staff.

A special thank you to the following contributors: Ceres Police Officers Association, Ceres Firefighters Association, Ceres Food 4 Less and Cost Less Foods.

Cambria Pollinger,

Recreation Supervisor,

City of Ceres,

* * * * * * *

Guerrero grateful

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I would like to thank the supporters who stood by me every step of the way, from precinct walking to displaying the yard signs, your enthusiasm was invaluable.

My service with the Ceres Unified School District will forever be a fond memory for me, helping my community was always paramount. I am proud of expanding our outreach to our parents and in being part of a district that is building a new junior high for our students, Cesar Chavez Junior High.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate Ms Wigt on her successful campaign and I do hope she enjoys her sevice to our community as much as I did.

Teresa Guerrero,


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