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Letters to the Editor published Oct. 24, 2012
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Read the propositions and then decide

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Red alert; unions are lying to you again. They will say or do anything to keep the state of California politicos in their pockets.

I talked to a group of ladies wearing pins that said "no on proposition 32" and "yes on proposition 30." I asked them if they had read the propositions and they said no but the union said they would lose $500 per month if proposition 30 isn't passed and they would lose their voice if proposition 32 was passed.

These are just plain lies. The one chance we have to clean up the slime in Sacramento is to block the unions now. Do it now, or face bankruptcies because we are buried in union pensions and benefits. Read the propositions and then decide, don't listen to the liars.

Harry Boucher

* * * * *

Shame on TID line workers

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Shame, shame on the IBEW union line workers who all mysteriously "disappeared" during the recent TID power failure. That nasty old "flu bug" always seems to hit union members when the public is most vulnerable, but that's the idea, isn't it?

That "virus" even hit Modesto and Merced irrigation workers, even a crew all the way from Visalia. Powerful bug, that.

The union didn't give a rat's behind about TID customers losing freezers full of food, or having no water or power when temperatures were nudging 100 degrees. But again, that's the point: make the TID customers suffer so they'll file claims against the district. Make the managers and board squirm.

The IBEW played with innocent people's lives. They're just lucky elderly or sick people didn't die. Next time they may not be so lucky.

Carol Benson

* * * * * *

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