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Letters to the Editor published Oct. 29, 2008
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Preserving marriage with 8

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Times sure have changed.

When I was growing up we started school every day with the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer, and a patriotic song.

When I was growing up, Pluto was a planet. Christopher Columbus was a great explorer. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were great Presidents. Tom Sawyer was a classic and we sang Swanee River.

We learned to read because "Jack and Jill went up the hill."

The school had to get my parents permission before our teacher could talk to us about the "birds and the bees."

No one had to teach us what a family was. We just knew. Some of us had dads and some of us did not. Some of us had moms and some of us did not. Some of us had brothers and sisters and some of us did not. Some of us actually lived with grandparents or aunts and uncles. One thing we also knew: our Dad was a man and our mom was a women. No one explained that to us, we just knew.

Today my children don't see a flag in their class room (let alone pictures of President Washington and President Lincoln), nor do they recite the Pledge of Alliegience, thank God for the beautiful day (damaged they are told by global warming - all the fault of the Administration and the bad old USA), nor do their friends know any patriotic songs.

Today, my children are taught that Columbus was an Indian killer (I mean native peoples killer) and they celebrate the lives of individuals and minor politicians like Martin Luther King, Ceasar Chavez, and Harvey Milk.

Tom Sawyer is banned in many schools and a teacher would never think to teach an American classic such as Swanee River because it is politicaly incorrect using such words as "darkie" and "gay." Gay meant "happy" back when I went to elementary school.

It would appear that soon children will be learning how to read from books about Steve and Reed who are "married."

Gosh, how things have changed.

My 25th anniversary comes up next week. I love my wife. I honor her. I respect her. By legalizing a marriage between a man and another man ( or a woman and another woman), the state devalues and demeans the sanctity of the marriage union between a husband and a wife.

I do believe in the Scriptures. As I read the commandment "Honor thy father and thy mother..." I can think of no way better to honor them who gave me life, than to recognize their union as an honored marriage between a man and a woman.

Things may have changed but not in our family. On Nov. 4 we will vote to preserve marriage; we will vote yes on Proposition 8 defining that a marriage is between a man and a woman only.

Dan'l Adams,


* * * * * * *

Won't support local measures

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I see that the county and the school district have tried to push their issues with a miss leading mailing, calling a Voter Information Guide for Democrats, I want to thank them for not having a recommendation on Proposition 12. This measure, when passed, will fund the Cal-Vet home loan grants which provides low interest loans to veterans who have served this country and provided them with the opportunity to do what they do in a free country. They could have at least supported it as they sure want your tax dollar for their pet projects. I, for one, have decided to vote against measures S and U and hope more people will follow. This is one time I can't afford another tax. We have not yet paid off the last bond and we have Measure H to pay for.

Just say "no way no how" to Measures S and U but yes to Proposition 12 show the veterans you do support them.

Walt Butler,


* * * * * * *

Build on Ceres mythology connection

Editor, Ceres Courier,

We're back home safely and the kids are going to school since a while again. They've been telling stories about their great American journey over summer.

We also found and read the article you published in the Ceres Courier. We thought it was well written and reflected our meeting with you, and it nicely links to the concerns about Ceres' downtown future developments. We were surprised during our trip through the U.S. that quite some towns tried to put themselves on the map by doing things like making the largest rug in the world, or boasting the liveliest city market, or doing something else within its cultural or historical fame to attract attention. Why would Ceres not make use of its unique "connection" to mythology? Why not build some attraction with Ceres and/or agriculture as a theme? Why not have a sister city program with the other city Ceres in South Africa, or in Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Scotland or The Netherlands? Just a few suggestions when reading the article.

And who knows if our eldest daughter will visit Ceres again in summer of 2028 and see... well, who knows?

The Gijsels Family

Rijswijk, the Netherlands

* * * * * * * *

Fond memories of Ceres folks

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I spent 18 months in Modesto with the 47th General, a city of 16,000. The people were wonderful.

We visited Modesto in August 1986. They close off H and I streets. My wife woke me up. People had their carts, wagons, whatever to haul their produce. We crossed the street and the first person we talked to was John Melugin. I told him I was from South Carolina, and was going back in two days and didn't need a lug of tomatoes. He said, "My boy, I have a good customer going back to South Carolina. I will give you tomatoes." They were such tasty tomatoes. We have traded Christmas cards from that year until now. We have received the family history and a Christmas card. I always remembered Mrs. Dora with a card or present. I call her "Mom" Dora. John passed on in 2000. Mrs. Patricia Cousins has written to me, sent me things of interest in Ceres and Modesto.

I have lost eight people, one Phil Hayes who served with me in the 47th General Hospital, New Guinea, Philippine Islands. Had good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Wade Crawley; they fed me grits and Alabama cured country ham. I love these people like one of the family. I wish I had known them while still in the Army. We stayed three times with a Mrs. Audrey Olsen. I can't thank Mrs. Patricia Cousins enough. Your wonderful paper has come quite a few miles. We call each other "cousins." They have been so wonderful to me. I am 87 years old, would like to get back the fourth time.

I belong to the McHenry Museum. The people miss lots of good stories by not joining.

John M. Harrison,

Easley, S.C.

* * * * * * * *


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