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Letters to the Editor published Oct. 3, 2012
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On candidate Adam Gray's employment at UC Merced

Editor, Ceres Courier,

There have been questions regarding Assembly candidate Adam Gray's employment at U.C. Merced. Since I invited Adam to teach at the university and co-instructed both of the classes he taught, I would like to clear up the details.

In June 2010, I shared with Adam an idea for an undergraduate course that would simulate the California Legislature, giving students the opportunity to learn about the political process by acting out the roles of actual legislators, journalists, and lobbyists. Given his expertise on California legislative politics, I asked if he would be willing to co-teach it. He graciously agreed, and we've taught the course twice.

Both times, Adam was listed on the syllabus as a co-instructor, and he took an equal share of the duties for course development, lecturing, mentoring, exam writing, and grading. He took the lead in arranging a number of excellent guest speakers, including Barbara Mathews, Anthony Cannella, Gary Condit and Jim Costa, and arranged for the class to hold their final simulated "floor session" in the California State Senate chamber in Sacramento. Both semesters, students responded with overwhelming enthusiasm.

The course was unique, hugely popular, and a great benefit to the students of UC Merced. And it was only possible because Adam agreed to teach it.

Nathan Monroe, Ph.D,


UC Merced

* * * * *

High schools thank public for taking test-drives

Editor, Ceres Courier,

On behalf of the Ceres High School and Central Valley High School activities programs and leadership, we want to sincerely thank our community and friends for coming to CHS on Saturday, Sept. 22 to drive Ford vehicles for the Drive 4 UR School fundraiser.

We would especially like to thank our administrative team and other staff members for spending their Saturday helping us with this fundraiser. We could not do it without their help.

We would also like to thank Charlie Fernandes and his crew from Country Ford Trucks in Ceres for putting this fundraiser together for us and helping us throughout the day.

We really appreciate everyone that came to drive the vehicles, work the fundraiser, and help throughout the day. Big thanks to the Ceres High School Band Boosters for providing us with a concession all day. Our community, students, parents, friends and district are the best.

Linda Cooper,

Ceres High

Kristin Lilly-Porter,

Central Valley High

* * * * *

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